Attractions in Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is a neighbour province of Chiang Mai. Both of them are historic , as they were parts of Lanna Kingdom in the past. Therefore, a bunch of interesting tourist attractions are guaranteed.

However, let’s just focus on Chiang Rai. In this province, you can full-fill your holidays with your love ones without feeling bored at all.

There are many attraction places in Chiang Rai for you to visit, each of them can definitely satisfy you. To be precise, no matter what kind of tourist attraction you like, you will find that in Chiang Rai.

For an example, if you wish to learn about the history of Lanna, you probably want to visit museums. There are many museums around Chiang Rai that can provide you the knowledge of Lanna. You probably want to go to Oub Kham Museum, Ban Daam Museum or Chiangsaen National Museum.

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