Attractions in Lampang

Lampamg is a popular tourism town in northern Thailand. After all, it was a part of Lanna Kingdom in the past. There is many interesting places for you to visit. There will be no disappointment.

Most of tourist attractions and activities in Lampang are historic and natural. Therefore, it’s perfectly fit for you if you’re an artist, a nature lover, or a person who’re seeking a peaceful moment.

For an example, if you’ve been heart-broken and want some place to comfort your mind, you may want to visit some national park. There’s a plenty of national parks in Lampang, for examples, Cha Son National Park, Pha Tai Cave National Park, Mae Wa National Park etc. Trees, animals, mountains, and water should make you feel better.

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If you’re a traveller who love to track those old-time stories, then you probably want to visit a temple or a museum. There are many temples and museums in Lampang, for examples, Baan Sao Nak, Wat Chedi Sao Lang etc. These places have always existed for long time and contain a lot of stories