Sights in Lampang : ‘See what these sights are.’

Top 8 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Lampang

As Lampang is a popular tourism town, surely there must be a series of interesting tourist attractions. But what are they? Where are they? If you still can’t choose where to go, then here are 8 popular sights in Lampang that you should visit, or you should never leave Lampang at all.

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Wat Phra Bat Phu Pha Daeng : Explore the many unique mountain temples around Lampang. Wat Phra Bat Phu Pha Daeng structures at the top, well they are not that impressive and look much better from afar, but the scenery is unique with several of the structures hanging half way over cliffs. If you visit the the temple on a cloud-free day and the view is fantastic overlooking the wide green surroundings. There are several viewpoints and a central area where the main Buddha statue remains.     Read More….

Wat Phra That Lampang Luang : It is symbolic of Lampang province. On a small hill, Wat Phra That Lampang Luang is surrounded by a fortification wall dating from the 8th century which gives it the aspect of a citadel. Buildings inside the walls have been built in the 15th century. You acces them by a long staircase with two nagas shape handrails. Wat Phra That Lampang Luang has a very simple architecture comparing to most temples in the region.

This ancient Buddhist temple compound houses several interesting religious structures, including what is arguably the most beautiful wooden Lanna temple in northern Thailand, the open-sided Wihan Luang. Dating back to 1476 and thought to be the oldest-standing wooden structure in the country, the impressive wiharn (sanctuary) features a triple-tiered wooden roof supported by immense teak pillars and early 19th-century Jataka murals (showing stories of the Buddha’s previous lives) painted on wooden panels around the inside upper perimeter.    Read More….

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Lampang Horse Carriage : Lampang is the only town in Thailand that still has horse carriages as a means of transportation and hence has acquired the nickname of Muang Rot Ma (Horse Car City). Today, there are about 75 horse driven carriages currently in use, primarily in the tourism sector. This number has dwindled since their heyday in the 1950s when there were apparently 185 carriages in operation. Horse-drawn carriages are an iconic attraction in Lampang and most tourists will use them for the tour of the town’s historical temples.     Read More….

Thai Elephant Conservation Centre : Elephants are important animals of Thailand. Unfortunately, some of them have been treated by humans so badly or haven’t had much chance to live happily. Therefore, this place was established, in order to take good care of Thai elephants.

You can get there to visit those lovely elephants, see their performances, and have a sightseeing on their backs. The admission fee costs 100 Baht for a Thai adult, 50 Baht for a Thai child, 170 Baht for a foreign adult, and 110 Baht for a foreign child.     Read More….

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Baan Sao Nak : If you’re looking for a vintage place to check-in and take a bunch of photos. then you can’t miss this place. This place is a museum, which appears as old-styled wooden houses. Within the houses, there are antiques, texts, and photos as exhibitions. You are allowed to get inside to look around. However, be careful not to touch anything, or you will damage something.     Read More….

Dhanabadee Ceramic Museum : If you’re a fan of the popular ‘chicken-patterned ceramic bowls’, then you can’t avoid this museum. This museum should tell you everything you need to know about them, as those bowls are based in Lampang. They’ve been being produced and sold for decades.

Feel free to walk around and admire nice ceramic bowls and, of course, see the factory zone to figure out how the bowls are made. At last, before you go home, you can purchase some lovely chicken bowls from the souvenir shop.     Read More….

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Chae Son National Park : The Park is set in a very mountainous region with picturesque valleys in between. The area has fantastic trekking/hiking opportunities which give adventurous visitors the chance to explore an area in Thailand that is still unknown to tourists.

There is hot mineral water at the national park. If you want to soak your skin and make it more beautiful, you can go. The water is about 70-80 degree Celcius. There are several rooms for you to do so. Just choose your favourite one. You will also want to buy some in-basket eggs to boil them in the hot spring and eat them. So delicious, believe it!

Only one kilometer away is Chae Son Waterfall which is the 6-level waterfall with clear water flowing through high mountains. There are accommodations and camping areas for visitors too.      Read More….

Rassadapisek Bridge : This white bridge is very important to the history of Lampang. It went through World War 1 and World War 2. In old days, it was just a wooden bridge. But as time went by, it was renovated into concrete-steel bridge instead.

This bridge is good for a sightseeing. There are specially paths for tourists to walk. Don’t worry. You can go up there and don’t get hit by a car. Take photos of the scenery around there as much as you want to. But be careful. This bridge goes over Wang River. It’s quite high.     Read More….

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