Feeling mysterious at Black House Museum

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Black House Museum is an architectural which Thawan Duchanee who is a designer artist. The inspiration comes from all Lan Chang, Lanna and Suvarnabhumi architectural. Each building also on show are artworks to admire and clearly exhibit the identification of A. Thawan comparable to buffalo horns art work, animal bones, tiger and snake skin, stunning woodwork carving, ornate stucco art work that conceals a philosophy and quaint bathrooms almost every thing inside the house is constructed from animal remains. It created plenty of pleasure and likewise get new ideas by these artworks. The Black House Museum feels hidden and mysterious place with new discoveries round each nook, all the time surprising.

baan dam, Thawan Duchanee

In Thai, ‘baan’ means home or house and ‘dam’ means black. Black House is a contemporary artwork museum comprised of artist Thawan Dunchanee’s lives work. They show his assortment of artwork, sculptures, wooden carvings, and furniture created by him, and collected from around the world. The individuality of the shows at Baan Dam Museum has much to do with the theme of the complete black house property.

The grounds cover a pretty big space, with many buildings dotting the landscape. The gardens are lush and serene and in sharp contrast to the mostly black structures. The nice corridor, the primary building you’ll come across, can also be the biggest, and it sets the tone for what’s to come.