Sights in Mae Hong Son

‘The top places in the province that you should never miss.’

If you are about to visit Mae Hong Son, but you dont know where to go. You dont know any good places that you should visit. Thats not a big deal. Here, in this article, you will find top places and sights in Mae Hong Son that you should go. To be precise, if you miss these places, it will be like you dont arrive at the province at all. 

Lets see what these places are.

Pai County:

As Pai is one of the most popular counties of Mae Hong Son, therefore the topic should stand here. If you arrive at Mae Hong Son, you probably want to head for Pai for the first thing. Now, let’s see where you can go in Pai.

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Almost as same as Chiangmai Grand Canyon, but it’s not exactly. At Chiangmai Grand Canyon, there are cliffs full of water for tourists to swim or play in their rubber boats. On the contrary, there Pai Canyon doesn’t have a drop of water to play. The place consists of high cliffs, forests, pavilions, and all those nice green views. It’s just different. But it is a good place to go. You may want to have a little sightseeing, take some nice photos, or something like that.

Of course, you can’t visit Pai without going to this popular and cute shopping district. Pai Walking Street is a kind of open-air market. It takes place on Chai Songkram Road. It’s open everyday fron 16:00-22:00. During the time, the road will be closed and vehicle are not allowed to go through. Tourists are free to walk around, shop for their favourite food, souvenirs, desserts, and lots more. That’s why the place is called walking street. Let’s grab the hands of your friends or anyone you love, and get there fast!

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If you wish to have a relaxing bath in the middle of nature, then Ta Pai Hot Srping should meet your need. This hot spring is located just in the middle of woodland. It looks beautiful, truely natural. You can soak yourself in the water, which it about 80-100 degree Celcius. This hot water originates from underground. You should see the steam above the water all the time. It you want more fun, you can set up a tent for your own camp. There is food available for service. But there aren’t any restrooms or bathrooms.

This waterfall is not very large. It’s about 15 metres high. You are allowed to swim in the water, only that you have to be extra careful and should have someone to be with you all the time. Anyway, to have the best fun, you shouldn’t travel during dry season, as the waterfall may be almost dry. And, try to swim on the second and the third level of the waterfall. These two levels have a lot of water.

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Lets move to other areas

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If you want to meet long-necked Karen people, then give yourself a chance of visiting this lovely village. This village is easily accessible, as it’s not too far away from the heart of Mae Hong Son. However, to get there, you may need a 4-wheeled car or a big vehicle, as the road is full of brook. Therefore, ordinary vehicles, including motorcycles may not be able to pass.

When you arrive at the village, you will have a chance of observing their lifestyles, seeing how they dress or how they make their livings, or purchasing their souvenirs.

This is also a village of long-necked Karen people. Same as Ban Huai Suea Tao, you can observe how villagers live, befriend them, and purchase their souvenirs. This village is quite large and has a long long story. To get there, you should dress properly, as you will have to sail along Pai River.

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