Attractions in Phrae

Phrae is a province in Thailand that can full-fill all fun that you want, specially if you love nature and ancient things.

In Phrae Province, there are many interesting tourist attractions. They’re mostly natural attractions and traditional attractions.

For natural attractions, there are waterfalls, for an example, Tad Mhok Waterfall, and caves, for an example, Pha Nang Koi Cave. These places will be relaxing and quiet. It’s perfect for anybody who wishes to have some time alone or relax stress. These places also allow you to have fun and exercise at the same time. They have stunning sceneries. Therefore, they’re good for you if you want to take some nice photos.

For traditional attractions, there are temples, museums, old houses of people in the past. Take Ban Sao Roi Ton, Kum Chao Luang, Komol Fabric Museum as examples. These place are specially perfect for children. Get your children and grandchildren there to help them learn about history, so that their brains will be full-filled with valuable knowledge.