Attractions in Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son is another interesting province in northern Thailand. There are many activities, tourist attractions, historical places, waiting to be visited by you.

No matter which kind of places you’re interested in, Mae Hong Son can full-fill your need.

There are many temples. Some of them, Wat Phra That Chom Chaeng, Wat Phra That Chom Kitti, Wat Ket Karam, store Buddha’s relics. If you are a Buddhist and you wish to make merit or pay respect to the relics, then give yourself a chance. Beside, these temples are mostly decorated in mixed style. Mae Hong Son has got different cultures from different ethnic groups since the past anyway. There is no wonder why.

Attraction temples in Mae Hong Son

For those who want to feel the taste of a natural hot spring, that’s very easy. There are quite many hot springs in the province. These hot springs may not be large very much, but surely they are good places to go. They are mostly located in the middle of nature. Take Muang Paeng Hot Spring for an example.

Or, to speak of shopping, Mae Hong Son has never felt behind any other towns. There are many shopping districts for all shopaholic for sure. Most of them are leisure and traditional. They will be like country fairs, with vendors setting up booths to sell their goods. For an example, Paii Walking Street, you can walk around to see many types of products: foods, clothes, souvenirs, toys, and lots more.