Sights in Nan Province

Top 7 Must-Visited in Nan ‘Don’t miss these places if you’re planning to go to Nan.’

Hi! Planning for a vacation in Nan and still don’t know where to go? Never mind. 

Here we gathered you the top 7 must-visited places in Nan.

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Wat Phumin :  This is a temple that all loving couples don’t want to miss at all. Wat Phumin is famous for having a mural named ‘Grandpa Man and Grandma Man’. It’s believe that is you confess your love to your love one in front of this mural, your love will be eternal.

To do so, you have to walk under the gate named ‘Phaya Nak Koo Kwan’ by using the opposite direction of the clock direction. Repeat that 3 times. Then get to the mural. Your man(or yourself, in case you’re a man) must state this poem first…

After the poem ends, just tell your love one how you feel. The temple is super easy to get to. It’s in Muang County of Nan.     Read More….

Sintao Salt Pond : In the past, Nan was well-known for salt production. Salt was the heart of economy in Nan. Salt brought wealthiness to villagers, as it was exported and exchanged with foreigners and some ethnic groups.

Even nowadays, there are still available ancient salt ponds that you can see, including Sintao Salt Pond. Although salt may not be the heart of economy in Nan like previous days, but it still make a wonderful learning resource.

By getting there, you will see salt making in traditional way. No industrial machines. Only wooden salt ponds and stone pots for salt boiling. That’s original. Go and see that for yourself. If you like the salt you can purchase some. Villagers make the salt and put some parts of it on sale in front of their houses.    Read More….

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Nan National Museum : A good place to go with your children. After taking them to shopping malls for their whole lives, let’s take them to learn about historical things. Nan National Museum won’t disappoint you. This is a very good museum, seriously. A special part of it is, it was once the house of a Nan’s ruler. Therefore, the museum appears as a contemporary Thai house, located in the middle of large garden.

Inside the museum, there are exhibitions that show you lifestyles of ethnic people in Nan. There are antiques, pictures, figures, and texts. Everything is divided into different zones. So, be sure to see them all.

After seeing all exhibitions, you will want to take some nice photos in the garden. The museum is open from 9:00-16:00. It’s closed on Monday and Tuesday.     Read More….

Doi Phu Ka National Park : Speaking of the winter heaven, of course, don’t leave this place behind you. Doi Phu Ka is probably the most perfect place for winter vacation in Nan. It’s a national park, anyway. Therefore, you can have a full-time rest. With all those mountains and trees around, you will forget all stress.

The national park takes place in 8 different counties in Nan: Pua County, Ta Wang Pa County, Tung Chang County, Chiang Klang County, Bo Klua County, Santisuk County, Chalermprakiat County, and Mae Chrim County. The whole area is very large.

You know what best there? Camping!!! We believe you don’t want to spend just a few hours at the national park and then leave. Nah, that won’t work. You won’t have enough time to admire the beauty of this place. Let’s spend a few nights at the national park instead. Prepare your tents and other camping equipments and have fun!    Read More….