Chiang Mai Travel Guide

Chiang Mai The Land of Lanna Culture

Speaking of one of the most popular town in Thailand, of course, you can never forget Chiang Mai. Why? Chiang Mai is a historic town. It has been being surrounded with many stories.

Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand, is the second biggest province of the country with about 1.735 million population. In the past, it was once a capital city of Lanna Kingdom. At the time, the locals used ‘Kam Muang’ as their language. Lanna, however, is so outstanding with special and unique culture. You can see this through various architectures and tourist attractions. And many of landmarks in Chiang Mai are registered as world heritages by UNESCO. There is no wonder why people from every corner of the world love to travel to Chiang Mai. They want to see valuable things with their own eyes.

Chiang Mai in the past 

Switching to a little bit of Chiang Mai history, as you’ve been informed, Chiang Mai was once a capital city of Lanna. Lanna is an independency, which was ruled by Mangrai Dynasty for about 261 years before being occupied by Bayinnaung Kyawhtin Nawrahta, a Bermese king. After that, the Bermeses ruled Chiang Mai for another two centuries. Then a war was exploded and those Burmeses were chased from the town. It can be called ‘the time of peace’, because after the war has ended, Chiang Mai was back into the rule of Thai royals, until it became a province of Thailand in the year 1933.

Geographical Information 

chiang mai map

Chiang Mai is located on the north side of Thailand, with about 310-metred height above the sea level. Therefore the climate is usually cold and you will mostly see mountains all around.

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