Sights in Lamphun ‘Find the 7 most interesting places you can go.’

Lamphun is another interesting province in Thailand. For those who want to get there, but still don’t know any place to go. Then this article may be useful for you.

Let’s find out the most 7 interesting attractions and Sights  in Lamphun.

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Phra That Hriphunchai : This glorious temple is located just in the heart of Lamphun Province. It’s quite large also, about 44,800 square metres. The legend says, the temple was probably built in the 17 Buddhist year, the same period as Phaya Adhidharaja, the king of Camadeviwong Dynasty. The temple was once the site of the king, who later gave it up and donated it as a Buddhist temple for the honour of Lord Buddha. For the reason, the king saw some parts of Lord Buddha’s relics before the donation.

Inside the temple, there are many important architectures, for examples, the bell tower, the grand vihara, the gate, Suwanna Chedi etc. See those for yourself and prepare your camera. Read More….

Wat Camadevi: Here is another interesting temple in the heart of Lamphun. The story of the temple began when Camadevi, the first ruler of Hiriphunchai, led her workers to the site where she wished to build Phra Chedi Suwanchangkod, a square-shaped pagoda of Indian style.

Now, the pagoda stores the relics of Camadevi. Don’t forget to feast your eyes with it when you arrive at the temple. You can see many other things inside the temple, including the octagon-based pagoda. Just see them for yourself. The temple is quite natural and perfect for those who love green color of trees and grass. It’s just perfect for sightseeing and mind relaxing. Read More….

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Kho Luang Waterfall: The waterfall is located in Mae Ping National Park. If you think you’ve been to many beautiful waterfalls, then this waterfall may make you feel different.

This waterfall isn’t just surrounded with rocks, trees, and the woodland. It doesn’t just consist of clear water, but the water itself is completly in blue-green color!!! Yes. That’s true. The color of the water looks just like a piece of emerald. So glorious. You can even see schools of fishes under the water. You’re allowed to have a picnic and swim in the water. Just remember, always keep the area clean.

Listening to the leisure sound of the waterfall when you feel exhausted is not a bad idea. Bring your family with you and have fun! Read More….

Camadevi Monument: The monument is located somewhere around Nhong Jok Park, in the heart of Lamphun. It was built and dedicated to Camadevi, the first ruler of Hiriphunchai, of course. She was a brave warrior and a very inteligent philosopher. She even spreaded Buddhism around the town, making the religion became more well-known and accepted.

The monument appears as an empty concrete lot covered with stone tiles. Her statue is located on the end of the lot. You can purchase some flowers, candles, to pay respect to her. Read More….

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Nhong Nguak Village

Nhong Nguak Village : This is a traditional village of Yong People. It’s a great learning source for everyone, especially children. By getting there, you will notice the villagers weaving their own cotton fabrics. Those fabrics are very beautiful. You can also observe many parts of their lifestyles, see how they live their lives, learn how their culture is, etc. Lastly, don’t forget to by some little souvenirs before you leave.

Kad Sua Mueng Market: The market is located on Kad Sua Mueng Bridge, above Kuang River, in Wiang Yong District. It’s an important place for tourism of Lamphun, as there are many souvenirs, food, and other things being put on sale there. Most of tourists love to make a little stop to purchase something.

Beside of shopping, you can have a sightseeing around the village, which is nearby, visit the museum inside the village, pay respect to Wat Ton Kaew. You can walk on your feet, as these places aren’t far from each other and from the market. But if you don’t want to walk, you can just hire a tricycle to give you a ride.

Kad Sua Mueng Market
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Phra That Intr Kwaen: The site is located on a mountaintop named Doi Tham Hin. It appears as a large golden rock on a cliff. The rock looks a little bit leaning. Truely, even you try to push it with a large log or dozens of people, the rock won’t fall down easily, as it’s very strong.

The interesting story of the site is, there are some footprints near the rock, which are belived to be the footprints of Lord Buddha. Around the rock, there are several Buddha’s statues. On the rock, there is a small pointy pagoda. You will want to have a sightseeing around there. It looks just beautiful and valuable. Read More….