Attractions in Lamphun

Lamphun is a good province for those who love to have a tour in natural and traditional style. Most of tourist attractions in Lamphun are bonded to history, religion, and traditional things. Everyone, especially children, can have a good time in Lamphun. You can have fun and knowledge at the very same time.

In case you want to relax your mind or make a little wish, you may go to a temple. There are plenty of temples in Lamphun, for examples, Phra That Hripunchai, Wat Camadevi, Wat Phra Buddha Bhat Takpha etc. These temples mostly have glorious pagodas, Lord Buddha statues, or viharas, which you should have a chance of paying respect to for your own good fortune. After that, you can learn about some stories in the past through those traditional architectures in the temples. You should see what art in old days look like.

Or, if you’re a nature lover, just head for any national park or waterfall. The suggested ones are, for examples, Doi Khun Tan National Park, Mae Ping National Park, Kho Luang Waterfall. These places are surrounded with beautiful nature: trees, mountains, woodlands, rocks etc. You can enjoy your full-time rest and forget all your stress.

If you have children and you want to help them learn things better, you will want to take them to some museums or communities like Ban Huai Tom Karen Handicraft and Cultural Centre, Hripunchai Hand-Weaved Fabric Institute, Town Community Museum. These places present you with exhibitions and handicrafts that reflect intellect of people in the past. Take a hand-weaved fabric as an example, you will see how neat and valuable the work is and how someone create it without using an industrial tool. These are something worthy of preservation.

Or you can find delicious food to eat to, probably in some leisure place like Lamphun Walking Street.

Long story short, no matter what you like, you can always have a good time in Lamphun. You will get ever