King Mengrai Monument ‘Pay respect to the statue of the 25th king of Ngoenyang.’

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Chiang Rai is baked with a series of histories, including the history of King Mengrai, the 25th king of Ngoenyang, who has been being respected by villagers for so long. 

Therefore, there is a landmark of Chiang Rai that you should never ignore when you arrive at the province. The landmark here means King Mengrai Monument

The monument, designed by Pakorn Lekhon, is accessible in the heart of Chiangrai Province. It appears as a bronze statue, along with 3 golden flags, created by the Thai national artist Kanok Wisawakul.

The King Mangrai monument is totally gorgeous and valuable. King Mengrai stands with his full body. He wears his royal costumes, including ornaments, a sword, and shoes.

king mengrai monument, king mangrai monument, king mengrai statue, king mangrai statue
king mengrai monument, king mangrai monument, king mengrai statue, king mangrai statue

Both Thai and foreign tourists love to pay respect to the monument of the king, for peaceful mind and good fortune. You should do that also. Just go there anytime you want to, daytime or night time. You can go everyday.

It will be best if you take your friends, you children, your family, or your love one with you too, as you guys will have a chance of seeing this marvellous architecture together and keep that as a good memory. 

Just remember, you have to act and dress properly if you want to go, as this is a very respectable place for people in Chiang Rai.

How to get there 

Start from the heart of Chiang Rai and continue straight on Chiang Rai-Mae Chan Road. Then you should find Mangrai Junction and see the monument on your left side.

If you don’t drive a car, you can go to The Old Chiang Rai Transport Station and grab a blue or green minibus. This can get you to the monument in no time. If you have to fix time, you should to travel by private car rental with driver. It is a better choice.

Nearby Places 

Only about 2 kilometres away from the monument, you can reach it in 10 minutes. Go and enjoy yourself there on Saturday evening, from 16:00-24:00. Fill your stomach with countless delicious foods and drinks. Spend your money on some traditional souvenirs. And feast you eyes with the atmosphere of Lanna style.

Don’t forget to visit this place, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the province. Singha Park is owned by Singha Corporation Co.,Ltd. It is only about 21 kilometres away from the monument. By visiting it, you will tour many large plantations, which are used for planting various species of plants, including tea. You will feed lovely animals, go on a zipline adventure, and lots more.