Maekachan hot springs “Rest and have a soak at the hot spring on the way home to Chiang Rai”

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In northern Thailand, there aren’t hot springs in Chiang Mai only, but also in Chiang Rai.

This may sounds lucky for those who wish to spend their holidays in nice hot water, soaking themselves for skincare and various kinds of therapies.

You may not know much about hot springs in Chiang Rai, because you may get used to those in Chiang Mai better. However, to tell the truth, hot springs in Chiang Rai aren’t less beautiful than those in Chiang Mai at all. They all are incomparable.

And if you don’t know anything about hot springs in Chiang Rai, here is a good example for you. Maekachan Hot Springs is suggested!

Maekachan Hot Springs is located in Mae Chedi Mai District, Wiang Pa Pao County, Chiang Rai Province. In fact, it’s the intermission spot for drivers during the way from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai, or from Chiang Mai to Phayao. You can notice it easily. Don’t miss it if you’re planning to travel this way.

maekachan hot springs, mae kachan hot springs, maekachan hot spring, mae kachan hot spring
maekachan hot springs, mae kachan hot springs, maekachan hot spring, mae kachan hot spring

The hot springs there are totally from nature, of course. They are about 90 degree celcius, hot enough for you to boil eggs in the water. Yes, right. Delicious, creamy eggs dipped into sauce. Those are all you want.

Boiling eggs is a popupar activity that most tourists don’t want to miss when they visit a hot spring. You may wonder what the differences between boiling eggs in your pot at home and in hot springs are. In physical consideration, there are no differences at all. You know, you just need hot water from anywhere for eggs to be cooked. But, emotionally, there are big differences. Boiled eggs from your home and from hot springs may have the same taste, but your feelings will be completely different from each other. If you’re at home, eating your boiled egg, you may feel a bit lonely. But, if you switch your location to any hot spring instead, eating boiled eggs in the middle of greenery and nice hot water, you will feel so fresh, joyful and astonished. It will be best if you take your friends or family with you too.

In the past, Maekachan Hot Springs is located on just one side of the road. However, as time flies, it has been renovated and extended. Nowadays, it’s much bigger and more gorgeous. There are restaurants, coffee shops, OTOP items shops and souvenir shops. This may be called ‘all in one place’. You don’t get just nice hot water when you visit Maekachan, but you also get good relaxing time. If you soak yourself in the water until you get tired, you can move to those shops instead.

maekachan hot springs, mae kachan hot springs, maekachan hot spring, mae kachan hot spring
maekachan hot springs, mae kachan hot springs, maekachan hot spring, mae kachan hot spring

How to get there 

As you’ve been informed, Maekachan is located between Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, in Wiang Pa Pao County, and it’s the intermission spot for drivers around that route.

Therefore it will be most convenient to travel by a personal car . You need to look for the route to Wat Phra Chao Tong Thip, but just head for Chiang Mai, by taking the Highway No.118, instead. Drive through Wiang Pa Pao County and Maekachan Market. Not so long after that, you will see the hot springs on your left side, just between the kilometre poles No. 65 and 64. If you do not have car, we recommend you to contact travel agency in Chiang Mai to provide the private tour package combined with Chiang Rai tour package.

Nearby Restaurants

In case you feel hungry after playing in hot water or want to stop by, here are some restaurants nearby that you’re going to love them for sure.

  1. Pao Pak Noodle(Guaiteaw Pao Pak Rod Ded Phed Chad Chan)

During your trip from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai, you will find this noodle restaurant on your left side. It’s located just 800 metres away from Maekachan Toyota Showroom.

  1. Ban Khun Mhoo Krata

If you love to eat grilled meat or happen to be a big fan of barbecue buffet, don’t miss this restaurant. It is a popular one. You can take friends and family members as many as you like, because the area is quite enormous. The foods are guaranteed to be clean and tasty. The price is affordable too, just 79 Baht per one person.

  1. Nong Kran Shrimp(Bo Goong Nong Kran)

A suggested place for those who love grilled shrimps. At this restaurant, you can eat all you want. The prices are different, from about 300-400 Baht per kilograms, depending on the sizes of shrimps.

  1. Uangprai

This one is located just 200 metres away from Hia Chan Market. It is a general Thai food restaurant. You can order most every dishes you like. But, the suggested dish for you is ‘Fried Molluscs’. Be assured that your stomach will be full-filled for sure.

  1. Kanomjeen Sri Nam

If you’re in love with the dish ‘Kanomjeen’, one of the most popular foods of Thai people, you must go to this restaurant. This is the place that you will have your chance of tasting this kind of soft, sticky and long stripes food, along with yummy curries.

  1. Suki Ruan Pae

Also known as ‘Suki Toong Man’ , it is a place that you will enjoy eating sukiyaki. The price is only 195 Bahr per set.

  1. Sathanee Maekachan

The Thai dishes in this restaurant are quite spicy, but tasty, of course.

Nearby Places 

Beside of Maekachan Hot Springs, do you want to go to some places else too? If yes, then here are other interesting tourist attractions around Wiang Pa Pao County.