Public Transport in Lamphun

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There are many different ways to travel to Lamphun.

  • Book a plane ticket.

Visitors can fly from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and then take a Chiang Mai-Lamphun bus that leaves Chiang Mai’s Chang Phueak Bus Station every 15 minutes. Traveling time from Chiang Mai to Lamphun is 45 minutes. Plane may be the most expensive way, but surely fast and convenient. It takes only about 1 hour if you start from Bangkok.

  • Drive your own car.

If you’re in perfect health and adventurous, you probably want to drive your own car to get to Lamphun. The road is long and rough on some parts, but is you love it, it will be fun.

To drive to Lamphun, you may start from the Highway No.1. Keep going and switch to the Highway No.32 instead. At the point, you must pass Ayutthaya and Ang Tong, before you reach Nakhon Sawan and switch back to the Highway No.1. Then you will pass Kamphaengphet, Tak, and Lampang. Finally, you should be on the Highway No.11 until you reach Lamphun.

  • Get a train ticket.

The train station is located 2 km north of town and motorbike taxies and rickshaws are always available to take you to your hotel or elsewhere in town.  A train is good if you want to travel leisurely and have a sightseeing at the same time.