Suggest Restaurants in Chiang Mai Separate by Type

What do you want to do if you’re visit a northern Thai town like Chiang Mai? Beside of going sightseeing, shopping, bathing in a natural hot spring, or riding on an elephant, surely you must imagine something delicious to eat.

Speaking of food, of course, the best choice is northern Thai food. You can’t complete a trip to somewhere without tasting traditional food of your visited land first. So, if you’re planning to go to Chiang Mai. Let’s think about what you will eat there too.

There are many northern Thai restaurants in Chiang Mai, where you can choose your favourite dish to try a new taste you’ve never eaten in your entire life.

Most of these northern Thai restaurants in Chiang Mai are decorated in ancient style, probably Lanna style or Thai traditional style. They usually appear as wooden houses, with indoor tables and outdoor tables. Moreover, they’re surrounded with nature. Therefore you should enjoy your time of eating in the middle of peaceful atmosphere.

In fact, if you want to get closer to northern Thai culture, then you’re suggested to have a Khantoke meal. Khantoke, as you know or may not know, is in fact a kind of traditional food container that appears as a circle-shaped tray. All of your northern Thai foods will be put in there as a set. And you will sit around your Khuntoke with your friends or family, eating those foods.

Anyway, beside of northern Thai food, you can also eat other kinds of foods, Islamic food, Chinese food, Western food etc. There are restaurants selling  these, don’t worry. Or, if you want a light meal, there are many lovely cafes in Chiang Mai. These cafe may be smalls, but they’re in good atmosphere. You can find some to have a nice hot coffee or a piece of cake. As always, these cafes are usually decorated in northern Thai style too, just like the regular restaurants.

In case you don’t want to sit at a food table for too long, then you may walk around and find different things to eat. There are some walking streets around Chiang Mai, for an instance, Wualai Walking Street. These streets consist of many vendors setting their booths up to sell various kinds of merchandises, clothes, traditional souvenirs, and foods, of course. There are small restaurants and food booths at these walking streets. So, if you want to eat something leisurely, you can visit one of these and enjoy your time.