The Best Thai Restaurants In Chiang Mai ‘Enjoy the true Thai taste.’

If you already love Thai foods, or you happen to be a foreign tourist who want to try a Thai traditional dish, thats not difficult at all. In Thailand, including in Chiang Mai, there are many restaurants that provide you the true taste of Thai food in affordable prices. In fact, Thai foods are delicious and easy to comsume. Therefore there is no wonder why tourists from other lands love to try them. Also, Thai food restaurants are ones of the most important income centres of Thai tourism.

Especially in a tourism town like Chiang Mai, there will be many good Thai restaurants for sure. And if you don’t know which one you should go to, here are some top ones. Just select your favourite.

Listed below are some of the Best Thai Restaurants In Chiang Mai.

The Galae restaurant is located on top of the hills in the West of Chiang Mai. To get there, just follow Suthep road, pass Chiang Mai university, and drive into the hills until the end. This is an open air dining place, beautifully situated in a wonderful flower garden, overlooking a water reservoir. After your meal, make sure you grab the opportunity to walk to the other side of the lake to enjoy some real stunning views of Chiang Mai city. This restaurant takes open air dining to a whole new level.

Galae mainly serves Thai and Northern Thai food. Their large menu is presented in Thai only, but like many other eating venues, the available dishes are accompanied by pictures, so it is not that difficult to order.  Prices are surprisingly – because of the more exotic surroundings – quite affordable. This also counts for the drinks. Because of its popularity among Thai locals, the place can be crowded, so service can be a bit slow sometimes. But the food tastes delicious.

Address:  65 Suthep Rd Su Thep, Mueang Chiang Mai, Thailand , 50200

Tel:  066 53 328 455

The service hour starts from 10:00 until 22:00 hrs.