The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Chiang Mai ‘Having a non-meat meal while enjoying nice atmosphere.’

If you are a vegetarian, you may feel a little bit uncomfortable if you have to travel to somewhere, as not everyone is a vegetarian. Therefore it may be difficult to find a restaurant that serves only non-meat dishes. 

If you are not very strict, you may skip non-meat dishes for a meal. But, in case you has some reasons that keep you away from eating meat, for an instance, Mahayana Buddhism teaches people not to eat meat, you will want to find a vegetarian restaurant anyway. 

In fact, there are quite many vegetarian restaurants around the world, in every country and in every town, including in Chiang Mai, Thailand. You just dont know where they are.

And, for those who will travel to Chiang Mai, which is a popular tourism town, and want non-meat meals, be happy. There are many vegetarian restaurants around Chiang Mai. Enjoy your trip and have delicious meals. Don’t worry about anything.

Listed below are some of the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Chiang Mai.

Surely, ‘Chinese Vegetarian Festival’ must rings a bell to you. If you feel strange just because you are a vegetarian, you wrong. Because, in fact, eating non-meat food is very acceptable and common around the world. There are many countries with vegetarian culture, including China. That is why there are Chinese Vegetarian Festival annually. If you’re already a vegetarian, this festival will sounds sweet to your ear and you will love this restaurant for sure.

Saeng Wirun provides you various dishes that ready to be served with rice., for instances, vegetarian meatball and vegetarian noodle. The restaurant has been being on business for many years. It is available all year round, not only during Chinese Vegetarian Festival. The price starts from 20 Baht, which is very affordable.

The restaurant is located on Hassadisevi Road, Muang County. There is no parking lots.

Address: Chang Phueak, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200

Tel: 086 181 3506

The service hour starts from 7:00-16:00, everyday except for Sunday.