The Best Street Food In Chiang Mai ‘Eat near streets and enjoy all marvelous foods.’

As Chiang Mai is a tourism town, therefore there are many good places to find delicious foods and eat. These places are not only big restaurants, but also some market places and walking streets. In fact, market places and walking streets in Chiang Mai are perfect for those who aren’t fussy about luxury and love to try something new.

Market places and street food in Chiang Mai consist of various food and drink booths, therefore if you love to walk around and eat, you should visit at least one of these. Surely, you will enjoy your time and forget about your diet procedure.

There are a lot of market places and street food in Chiang Mai that you can grab yummy dishes to eat. However, if you don’t know where to go, here are some suggested ones for you.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, street food in chiang mai, the best street food in chiang mai

This is one of the most popular shopping district of Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is in the downtown area. Most of the tourists there are foreign tourists, as the foods, drinks, and other goods  are quite expensive for Thai people. However, if you love to having a tour at night time, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar will be your best choice.

If you want to go to Chiang Mai Night Bazaar to feel the taste of a night-time market fair, but still worry about high amounts of money, just relax. Anyway, you can just take a little sightseeing and grab something to eat a little bit. If you don’t buy too many items, you will save your money.

Or, if you want to have a little celebration, you may also order a big cup of fresh beer, which is available at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. The price is uncertain, but it will be worthy to grab one and have fun with your friends.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is located on Chang Klan Road, Muang County. Just notice the opposite side of The Plaza and Dusit D2 Chiang Mai Hotel.

Talat Pratu Chiang Mai, street food in chiang mai, the best street food in chiang mai
  • Talat Pratu Chiang Mai 

This quite-big market is located just along a road. There are many food-selling booths around.

The foods selling at Talat Pratu Chiang Mai or Bamrung Buri Market are mostly traditional, for instances, chilli paste, Sai Ua, or some kinds of desserts. Therefore this place is an unforgettable one for those who want to make a little stop and grab some souvenirs for themselves or people they love. 

Beside of traditional foods, there are also other kinds of foods like fresh pork, chicken, fruits, and vegetable. 

Talat Pratu Chiang Mai Market is available from 4:00-24:00. You can go there in the morning or evening. In fact, if you choose to go in the morning, you will inhale the sweet smell of the air into your lungs. 

The market is located on Bumrung Buri Road, Muang County of Chiang Mai.

Chang Phuak Market, street food in chiang mai, the best street food in chiang mai
  • Chang Phuak Market

This market is a perfect eating district! The foods there are affordable. Anyone can eat them. Even the atmosphere may seems a little bit crowded for you, but surely you will not feel bored. Instead, you will enjoy your eating so much that you almost forget about everything.

The market is located along a road, of course. There are many commercial buildings in rows, selling foods, drinks, or opening for some other services.

There are two main kinds of foods at Chang Phuak Market: fresh food and ready-to-eat food. For fresh food, there are pork, chicken meat, fruits, vegetables etc. For ready-to-eat-food, there are grilled chicken, grilled pork, steamed stuff buns etc.

Moreover, there are some semi-instant foods like seasoning products, or curry paste.

The market is located on Chang Phuak Road, next to Chang Phuak Gate. If you want to go, you may want to get up a little bit early, as the market’s business hour starts from about 4:00-9:00. If you’re too late, you may not even get a bite of food.

Wualai Saturday Walking Street, street food in chiang mai, the best street food in chiang mai

Speaking of street food eating in Chiang Mai, surely you can never skip Wualai Walking Street, as it is one of the most popular shopping and eating district in Chiang Mai.

Following the name, Wualai Walking Street is availavle only on Saturday, in the evening, from about 17:00-22:00. However, the peak time is somewhere around 19:00-20:00, which you should avoid if you don’t like to walk among a bunch of tourists.

At Wualai Walking Street, there are lots of foods, drinks, and some kinds of traditional souvenirs. You can walk around and grab all your favourite dishes while take a look at entertainment performances like singing, dancing, music playing etc.

Wualai Walking Street is located on Wualai Street, Muang County.

The Pae Sunday Walking Street, street food in chiang mai, the best street food in chiang mai

Same as Wualai, but The Pae Walking Street is available on Sunday, in the evening. It is the biggest walking street in Chiang Mai. There are many food products for sale there and they are affordable for sure.

You can buy something to eat and watch live performances at the same time. The business hour starts from 18:00-22:00. If you don’t know what to do at night, just visit The Pae Walking Street and enjoy your time there.

The place is located on Rachadamnoen Road, Muang County. You shouldn’t take a car there, as there aren’t many parking lots and the traffic is quite tough.

Nimman Walking Street, street food in chiang mai, the best street food in chiang mai

Nimman Road and the surrounding side streets are at the heart of the trendiest part of Chiang Mai. Occasionally known by its full name of Nimmanhaemin Road. Located on the west side of Chiang Mai, it is a lively neighbourhood at all hours of the day. An easy area to explore on foot, here visitors will be welcomed with an abundance of quirky cafes, boutique clothing shops, and the city’s top restaurants and bars.

Only a short 10-minute ride on local transportation to Tha Pae Gate in the Old City, it is also a fantastic location to explore the rest of Chiang Mai.

Thanon Nimmanhaemin (or Nimmanhaemin Road) is located in Tambon Sutep, Amphoe Muang, Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai University Walking Street, street food in chiang mai, the best street food in chiang mai
  • Chiang Mai University Walking Street

Chiang Mai University is located on Suthep road on the east-side of town and offers a more authentic atmosphere. A variety of food stalls as well as small restaurants and sweet shops can be found around the campus. You are unlikely to encounter many foreigners here. Instead the restaurants are filled with Thai students in their uniforms, enjoying traditional Thai noodle dishes or soups. Food comes incredibly cheap around here, responding to the university atmosphere. A trip to Chiang Mai University is worth the journey in order to truly experience Thai food like a local. After enjoying authentic dishes, make your way to the nearby trendy Nimmanhaemin Road and enjoy a cool drink in one of the many stylish bars.

Located on Huay Gaew road across from the front gate (get it, get it??) of the university, the market is open nightly catering to the the 35,000+ students staying in the area. Every time I’ve gone, I’ve been one of maybe five foreigners perusing the aisles.