The Best Healthy Food Restaurants In Chiang Mai ‘Don’t miss them if you’re a clean eater.’

You are what you eat., this phrase may ring a bell to you. It means your body is a reflection of your health. Whatever you eat, your body will react or appear exactly that way. For instances, if you eat a lot fruits and vegetables, your skin should look bright, soft, and you will be an active person, but if you eat meat only or some food that contains a lot of fat, your body will get fat and you may have a problem of digestion system. 

Especially nowadays, there are many new dishes appear, many of which are unhealthy, but consumers still love to eat them anyway. However, at the same time, there are many people worry about their health and they eat very carefully. In fact, they will be quite strict about their health care. They will eat only what they think is nutritious.

If you are among these people, it will be great. You know that your health is not a car or a machine that you can find a spare part to fix it when its broken down. Therefore it will be great to start caring for your health with eating properly. 

There are many restaurants around the world that support the need of people who love their health, including in Chiang Mai. As Chiang Mai is an important tourism centre, it must provide every factors that suit the need of tourists. And if youre a clean eater, you dont have to worry about anything when youre in Chiang Mai, because there will be a lot of healthy food restaurants for sure.

Lets see some of the top healthy Food restaurants in Chiang Mai.

This restaurant is a big answer for people who love their health. Most customers, especially doctors and nurses, love to go there. The dishes at this place mainly consist of fruit and vegetable. There are barely pieces of meats. The most important part is that this restaurant uses fresh and new homemade plants. Therefore the great taste, safety, and good health is guaranteed for you.

Address: The address of this restaurant is Suan Dok Park, on Suthep Road. You can notice it next to Suan Dok Hospital.

Tel: 053 231 212

The service hour starts from 10:30-21:00.