The Best Pubs In Chiang Mai ‘If you’re a night time lover, don’t forget to check-in.’

There are many ways to spend the time at night. And one of the most popular one is going to a pub. Yes. There are pubs everywhere, in every country, in every town, including a tourism land like Chiang Mai. 

Chiang Mai is visited by tourists, both Thai and foreign, every single day. There are many activities to do in the province, as it is an important tourism centre. Therefore people may not go to bed early at night, instead they want to have more fun. Some may go to a restaurant. Some may go to a walking street. Or, some may go to a pub.

Here, for those who want to know which pubs are the best and most popular ones in Chiang Mai, see the list below.

This is probably the heaven of night time lover. Or, it can be said that if you skip this place, then you don’t arrive at Chiang Mai at all.

Warm Up Cafe is frequently visited by tourists. The place was divided into different zones, for instances, the eating zone which you can enjoy cool beverage and delicious food while listening to leisure music, or the convention zone for those who travel in groups and want to set up parties.

The pub zone is behind all of these. There you can dance along with exciting music as much as you want to. Shake your head! Move your feet! Wave your hands! And have fun with your colorful night!

The location is 123/1, Area 5, Suthep District, Muang County. The service hour starts from 18:00-1:00.