The Best Coffee Shops In Chiang Mai ‘All coffee lovers shouldn’t miss these!’

Sitting in the middle of lovely atmosphere and sipping a cup of coffee is something that many people dream of. Therefore there are a bunch of coffee shops everywhere, including in Chiang Mai, to suits the need of consumers. Most people love coffee shops. Therefore coffee shops are important factors for tourism income.

For Chiang Mai, as you know that the province is surrounded with many beautiful mountains and many other natural environments. There is no wonder if there are many lovely coffee shops around. Because, however, it will not be a bad idea to sit in a garden and order a small cup of coffee.

And here are some top suggested coffee shops in Chiang Mai. See which one your favourite is.

Ristr8to Coffee is the best coffee shops in Chiang Mai, He won World Latte Art Championship 2016.

Inspired by the specialty coffee culture around the world especially in Australia, Ristr8to is an independently unique cult concept cafe striving to serve the best coffee in every single cup we make. We have immersed ourselves in the specialty coffee cultures of many of the world’s great cities, in pursuit of the perfect coffee and pass on those experience via our coffee menus. At Ristr8to, we have taken a lot of time, pride and effort to perfect our coffee in order to provide our customers with the best cup we can, each and every time with our dedication, excellence and passion.

Address: 15/3 Nimmanhaemin road, Suthep, Mueang, Chiang Mai 50200

Tel: 053 215 278

The service hour starts from 07:00-18:00.

Just a short distance away from Wat Umong is this beautiful hidden gem of a cafe called No. 39 Café. The cafe is popular amongst students here as it’s near to university and it can get quite busy at the weekends with everyone determined to take those perfect Instagram shots and they occasionally have live bands playing but on a weekday you can often find yourself being the only person there.

Address: Su Thep, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200

Tel: 086 879 6697

The service hour starts from 09:00-19:00.

This is a simple-decorated coffee shop, but provides you a leisure atmostphere. You can sit indoor, in the air-conditioned area, or outdoor. For out door, you will be in the middle of beautiful garden with a grass field and a canal view. Feel free to enjoy your time with friends and family.

If you feel so tired of spending your whole day in a hotel, you can take your smartphone and laptop to Klerm Coffee, to watch your favourite movie, do your homework, type your work document, or taking beautiful photos. Just relax!

Address: The location is 1/3, Pa Daed Road, Pa Daed District.

Tel: 082 759 7562

The service hour starts from 8:00-17:00, everyday.

As soon as you see this coffee shop, you will feel like you’re in a foreign land, as it was decorated in retro style. You will see it as something like western or European building.

Inside the shop, you feel feel extremely comfortable. The area is wide and there are a lot of seats scattered around. You can sit individually near a window or sit with your friends at a group table.

Address: The location is 141/6, Ratchadamnoen Road, Muang County.

Tel: 053 271 339

The service hour starts from 8:00-23:00, during Monday-Saturday, and from 8:00-12:00, on Sunday.

If you feel so nervous because of your broken love, hard-time study, ruined career, then this place may be able to comfort your heart. Ta Chang Hill is a coffee shop in the middle of mountains! Yes, you are not hearing it wrong, it is located in the middle of high and wide mountains. You won’t want to sit indoor, in fact. Instead,  you will want to sit outdoor, on the terrace. By sitting on the terrace, you will see enormous cliffs and valleys in a great distance. Then you may order a piece of cake or a small cup of coffee. The prices are affordable, don’t worry. Eating something delicious in the middle of atmosphere like this should make your depressed heart feel better.

Address: The location is Ban Pong District, Hangdong County.

Tel: 064 867 1945, 081 935 8752

The service hour starts from 07:00-21:00.

This recently-established coffee shop will make you feel both happy and surprised, as it is no ordinary coffee shop. On the contrary, its architecture has a unique style. Most coffee shops appear as normal rooms or houses. But Kao Makham appears as a tree house! The shop was built by creating  a wooden terrace on a big tree. Therefore you can sit up there, enjoying the nice view while sipping your coffee.

Or, you can take a sightseeing around the shop itself. The area around the shop is a big garden. You may want to take some lovely selfies too.

Address: The location is Chuangpao District, Jom Thong County.

Tel: 091 825 4877

The service hour starts from 08:00-18:00.

This coffee shop appears as a lovely, retro-style house. As soon as you arrive, you will see a small fountain and a big-headed statue on the front door. Then, after you step inside, you will see that the atmosphere is really romantic. The interior design doesn’t emphasize bright light, but instead use medium-bright light. Also, the walls are covered both under lime and red bricks. There are some small paintings being hung around.

You can sit outdoor or indoor. Just choose any side you wish for. Beside of coffee, you can order some other cool drinks and desserts too.

Address: is 310, Area 7, Nong Kwai District, Hangdong County.

Tel: 052 005 214

The service hour starts from 08:00-18:30.

The name may sounds a little with spooky for you, but the real place is totally different. Zombie Coffee offers you a new relaxing atmosphere in the middle of nature. The shop itseld is a wooden house, which you can choose to sit inside. But, for outdoor, it is more interesting, because, beside of sitting on the terrace, there are also chairs and tables being set up in the stream too! You may have had coffee in many styles, but surely you must never have had coffee in a water source before. Well, Zombie Coffee can give you this. Sipping a cup of coffee while let your feet get soak in a cool stream is a perfect idea. With that, your mind should feel relaxed.

There are many lovely desserts and beverages for you to order. You won’t be disappointed in them. If you don’t mind, you may get up a little bit early and travel to this coffee shop, in order to fill your lungs with the sweet smell of the air.

Address: The location is Mae Ram District, Mae Rim County.

Tel: 085 041 3714

The service hour starts from 09:00-19:00.

Wawee Coffee was established in 2000. Now, there are 22 branches around the country. THey have 16 branches in Chiang Mai, 5 branches in Bangkok and 6 branches in other provinces. The coffee shops themselves and the service are designed to represent Thai coffee shops. The shops are built in Thai style to provide natural and comfortable feeling, while the fine coffee comes with reasonable price.

You can be sure that every drop you drink is from our sincere dedication to provide you the genuine taste of Wawee coffee. What makes Wawee coffee so special is not just the premium quality coffee, the best brewer or the professional baristas with many awards, but it’s our commitment to provide our customers full satisfaction and happiness. Additionally, beyond the smile of our customer, Wawee coffee also provide the better quality of lives for the locals and the hill tribe.

Address: 183/2 Moo 6, Second Ring Rd., T. Faham, A. Muang, Chiang Mai Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tel: 053 014 112