The Best Family Restaurants In Chiang Mai For Meeting All people at all ages can enjoy their meals, even small children.

Family meeting is good, because everyone will have a great time together. Especially if you havent met your parents your cousins for a very long time, hanging out with them in a good restaurant will not be a bad idea at all.

However, there is a little concern for family meeting in a restaurant. Some families have small children, which they cant be left along at home but instead need to be brought with their parents too. Many restaurants dont have enough area or suitable zones for these kids.

But dont worry. At least, if you go to Chiang Mai, there are lots of restaurants that every family members can enjoy their meal, even small children. Because these following restaurants provide enough zones and play zones for them. Lets see what these restaurants are. Choose your favorite and make an appointment with your family fast!

Listed below are some of the Best Family Restaurants In Chiang Mai.

A true happiness for every families, this restaurant is in fact specially suitable for children, as it doesn’t just serve foods to you, but also has a playground for your kids. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? You enjoy your meal like french fries, ice cream, vegeterian food, while your kids can enjoy their time of playing as long as they want without any additional fee required. The playthings were mainly made of bamboo, which are all located under a roof. Therefore your kids won’t get burned by the sun or soaked in the rain.

Address:  The address of this restaurant is 87, Area 1, Nong Kwai District, Hangdong County. It is located just before Chiang Mai Night Safari.

Tel:  087 007 3769

The service hour starts from Open everyday, 11:30 am. – 22:00 pm.

This is a strange-style but stunning restaurant. It was decorated with dinosour statues around, which you children can enjoy taking pictures or play with these things. Or, they can even ride on pigmy horses.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is perfectly natural. It is located in the middle of beautiful garden, just like in some western movies. The restaurant was painted with yellow and reddish brown and there are trees, grass, ponds, fields, and dinosaur statues around.

The restaurant itself is not very big, but it is comfortable. You can sit both indoor and outdoor. For outdoor, you can sit near the garden or on the second-floor terrace .

Address:  The address of this restaurant is 251, Area 2, Huai Sai District, Mae Rim County.

Tel:  088 267 7790

The service hour starts from 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

A good restaurant on Canal Road, Muang County. Mont Blanc Garden is located on the same route to the 700-year-old stadium. There are play zones for your children, don’t worry. They will enjoy hanging on swings, playing with a sand pond, or playing hide and seek in a plastic castle.

For grown-ups, there are various menu to eat, for instances, fried tofu, tomato sauce pasta, tofu fried rice, cabbage soup. Desserts are served too, cake, choux cream, ice cream etc. The prices are about 90-200 Baht. You can order anything you want and sit both indoor and outdoor.

Address:  Canal Road Chiang Mai Outer Ring Rd, Thesaban Nakhon Chiang Mai, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50300

Tel:  053 010 638

The service hour starts from Open daily: 9am–8pm

This English-style cafe may not have a playground or a play zone for children, but there is something better. That thing is ‘the animal zone’, which you can take your children to say hello and play with goats, sheeps, and buffalos. This is perfect, because it will teach your children how to love animals and treat them properly.

Back to the restaurant itself, the unique appearance is that it was decorated in English country style, which you may have seen in some films before. In fact, the cafe is a small house painted with white color, looking so lovely. There are both indoor and outdoor areas. For outdoor, you will enjoy the natural scenery. For indoor, you can sit on a normal chair, a lounge chair, or a sofa. There are lots of decoration items inside, which make the restaurant more colorful.

Address: The address of this restaurant is Jirung Health Village, Area 7, Rim Tai District, Mae Rim County.

Tel:  091 856 5675

The service hour starts from 08:00 am. – 05:00 pm.

In fact, this is not a restaurant itself. The Hidden Village is a them park set up as a fantasy world of dinosour and mysterious village. There is a restaurant inside, of course there is a restaurant inside. You can enjoy eating while let other members of your family take your children to play outside, in The Statue Zone and The Dinosour Village, taking nice photos together.

Moreover, you can take you children to animal zones to play with sheeps ride on some little pigmy horses. And, for the admission fee, it costs only 100 Baht for a Thai tourist and 200 Baht for a foreign tourist. For children who are shorter than 100 cm , they can go in for free.

Address:  The Hidden Village is located just next to the restaurant Chiang Mai Ruan Pae 2, San Phee Sua District, Muang County.

Tel:  064 550 0305

The service hour starts from 09:00 am. 07:00 pm.