Nimman Walking Street ‘Shopping and eating all in one place’

nimman, nimmanhaemin, nimman walking street, nimman road, nimmanhaemin road

One of the most joyful activities in Chiang Mai is probably nothing else but walking around marketfairs in a walking street areas. If youve been to Wualai Walking Street or Ta Pae Walking Street before, here is another one you should go too. Visit Nimman Walking Street by yourself!

The area of Nimman is called ‘an all-time awake street’, due to its joyful atmosphere. Most tourists from various lands go there to have fun with shopping and grabing something to eat. You should realise that this place is everything. Foods, costumes, entertaining performances are all here!

nimman, nimmanhaemin, nimman walking street, nimman road, nimmanhaemin road
nimman, nimmanhaemin, nimman walking street, nimman road, nimmanhaemin road

Nimman is a  very important commercial section. It has gathered many restaurants, bakery shops, cloth shops, coffee shops and lots more. There are even hotels and shelters for tourists. You can call it ‘the heaven of modern life’.

Every tourists who step into Nimman will always fall in love with it. The decoration of the place is something really elegant, glorious and joyful. You probably don’t want to leave at all, but instead want to hanging out for one whole day.

You can visit Nimman both during daytime and night. During daytime, there will be lots of restaurants, beauty salon, shopping mall and something like that. If you like to find something to eat easily or just pass your time without anything complex, it will be best to go at daytime. Oppositely, if you are a night time lover, who love to go around in the middle of the night, then wait for the sunset. At night, there will be many entertaining activities, for instances, music shows, dancing shows, dinner shows, around the restaurants.

nimman, nimmanhaemin, nimman walking street, nimman road, nimmanhaemin road
nimman, nimmanhaemin, nimman walking street, nimman road, nimmanhaemin road

Best of all, most of the shops at Nimman provide WiFi service for customers. So, feel free to take some nice selfies and upload it to Facebook or Instagram.

Nimman is quite enourmous. There are total 17 blocks of shops and restaurants. Every blocks connect to each other. Some blocks, including Block 1, still maintain the traditional appearance of the ancient Lanna. Moreover, there are some handicrafts and artworks sold there too. If you think you’re an artist, don’t forget to purchase some.

For those who seek delicious foods, be happy! There are almost every kinds of foods at Nimman, Thai Food, western food, northeastern Thai food, Italien food, northern Thai food, Japanese food and lots more. You will totally forget about decreasing your weight, because everything tastes so good! 

Beside, there are also some clinics, spa and additional ability schools. All in one place, really!

nimman, nimmanhaemin, nimman walking street, nimman road, nimmanhaemin road
nimman, nimmanhaemin, nimman walking street, nimman road, nimmanhaemin road

How to get there

Nimman is located just within Muang County, Chiang Mai. There are two methods to go there.

First, take your personal car. Start your trip from Chiang Mai downtown. Drive salong Huai Kaew Road, passing Central Kad Suan Kaew. Then, after reaching Rin Kam Intersection, you need to look for the MAYA building. The building will be on the opposite site of the intersection. If you find the building, you will also find the entrance of Nimman Street.

Or, you can take the second route. Start your trip from Chiang Mai downtown also, but use Suthep Road instead, passing Maharaj Hospital and Wat Suan Dok until you reach Public Health Office of Chiang Mai. Then turn right to Nimman Street.

Lastly, if you don’t have a personal car, you can just take a red truck everywhere. The travel prices are about 20-40 Baht, depending on your distance.

Nearby Shelters

As it has been informed that Nimman is a very very gigantic commercial section. Therefore you may not be able to tour the whole area in just one day. In that case, you may need a shelter. If you don’t know where to stay, here are some nearby shelters for you. Just choose the one you can afford it and spend the night in it! When you wake up in the morning, you can find your breakfast to eat around Nimman. At night, you can also have dinner at Nimman too.

  1. Mayflower Grande Hotel Chiang Mai // Starting price: Around 1,200 Baht per night
  2. Chiang Mai Hill Residence // Starting price: Around 1,000 Baht per night
  3. Prestige Chiang Mai // Starting price: Around 1,100 Baht per night
  4. Victoria Nimman Chiang Mai // Starting price: Around 2,398.67 Baht per night
  5. Nimman Boutique Resort // Starting price: Around1,000 Baht per night
  6. Baiyok Chao Hotel // Starting price: Around 1,300 Baht per night
  7. The Pause Hotel Chiang Mai // Starting price: Around 400 Baht per night
maya shopping mall, nimman, nimmanhaemin, nimman walking street, nimman road, nimmanhaemin road

Maya Shopping Mall

Nearby Places

Wat Suan Dok is a wonderful place for photography and has spectacular vistas of Doi Suthep at sunset. The temple also figures heavily in the legend of Doi Suthep’s founding. A Buddha relic was to be housed in its principal pagoda when it broke in two. The other half was placed on the back of a white elephant, which climbed Doi Suthep and then died. Wat Phra That Doi Suthep was founded on the site of the elephant’s demise.

Chiang Mai Zoo is a beautiful and fertile attraction in cool climate all year round. Fertility of forest, flowers and rare Northern orchids in Chiang Mai Zoo. This family-must-visit attraction can be found at Doi Suthep foothills, just next to the beautiful Huay Kaew Arboretum.

The Wat Jed Yod is an attractive Lanna era temple complex in the outskirts of Chiang Mai that contains some very unique architecture. Highlight of the Wat Jed Yod is the viharn, where the temple derives its name from. Jed Yod means 7 peaks, referring to the 7 chedis on top of the structure.

  • Maya Shopping Mall

Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center is a world-class shopping mall and urban lifestyle hub in the Nimmanhaemin district of Chiang Mai. The shops on offer at Maya in Chiang Mai are an interesting mix of Thai and international brands and you’re certain to find something that suits you no matter your personal style.