Pang Ung is beautiful place and really nice atmosphere

pang ung, pangung, pang ung lake, pang ung mae hong son

Pang Ung has become one of the places that I like the most. Even though you have to drive, or be driven, quite a long way. But it is worth it to do so. It was very nice and green. Most places, and businesses (homestay), are still run by local people. So there wasn’t much commercialisation going on. There weren’t that many people, both foreigner and Thai.

Pang Ung or Pang Oong is one of the Royal Initiative projects by HM Queen Sirikit for highland development. The place sometimes is referred to “Ruam Thai” on maps and signs. It is a Shan Minority Village where it has been developed with modern agricultural projects.

Pang Ung lake has the area large reservoir on the high hill and pine trees is lined a beautifully. Pang Ung means accommodation edge reservoir. In the morning, Many visitors will not miss photographed the sunrise reflecting water through the pine trees and mist rising above water which is extremely beautiful images. As a result, Pang Ung become hot attractions and romantic well as receive dubbed as “the Switzerland of Thailand”.

pang ung, pangung, pang ung lake, pang ung mae hong son
pang ung, pangung, pang ung lake, pang ung mae hong son

The atmosphere of the vast reservoir of natural lakes, much as it’s flanked by mountains. The silhouette of the mountains and pine forest from the reservoir to see that no matter how much of the time. And if the morning when the winter. This will be covered with mist throughout. And charm linger floating in water. The sun appeared to be squared up and throwing him into the beam through the fog over the bath. Please provide all the water mist, the mist turned to gold. Beautiful beyond description.

Numerous camping areas were visible as well as small cottages nestled in the sloping ground surrounding the reservoir. A beautiful respite worth a stay with nearby small villages for more local culture.

pang ung, pangung, pang ung lake, pang ung mae hong son

Things to do in Pang Ung

There were a number of activities that you can do over there without getting bored. And if you want to escape away from devices, internet, wifi or internet social world, this is a place you will be happy. Most of the activities involve nature, nice clean air, local people.

  • Camping
  • Barbecue
  • Rafting
  • Stargazing
  • Taking photos
  • Reading
  • Shopping and window-shopping local goods
pang ung, pangung, pang ung lake, pang ung mae hong son

How to get to Pang Ung

The route from the town of Mae Hong Son – Pang Ma Pha, about 10 miles, turn left through the same route to Phu Pha mud mat. Pang Tong Palace. Go to my notice the small sign to turn left to write that “the home of Thailand”, turn left. Over the eggplant, orange and Huay Ban Pang Ung, including Thailand, or the path of the curve is steep and narrow streets. Sometimes, there is still an obstacle. It should travel during the day.

If traveling by bus up to the market town of Mae Hong Son. The bus to Pang Ung at 09.00am and 15.00 pm and from 5:30 am and Pang Ung at 11:00 am It takes about 2 hours. If you still worry for getting lost, we recommend you to travel by private tour.

pang ung, pangung, pang ung lake, pang ung mae hong son
pang ung, pangung, pang ung lake, pang ung mae hong son

Address : Mok Cham Pae, Mueang Mae Hong Son District, Mae Hong Son 58000, Thailand

GPS Coordinates Map : 19.498392,97.907015

Best time to go : Winter Season (November – February)

Nearby Places

Ban Rak Thai was established by Yunnanese KMT fighters who originally fled from communist rule in 1949, and decades later the town’s population and architecture remain very Chinese. The main industries are tourism and tea, and there are numerous places to taste the local brew, as well as several restaurants serving Yunnanese cuisine.

Namtok Pha Suea is an important tourist attraction in Mae Hong Son. Situated 26 kilometers away from the city, the waterfall is in Tham Pla -Namtok Pha Suea  National Park, Tambon Mok Cham Pae, Amphoe Mueang, Mae Hong Son. It is a medium-sized waterfall with the height of 10 meters and the width of 15 meters. Besides, the waterfall can be visited all year round.