Tat Mhok Waterfall ‘Have a nice vacation, even you’re on your own.’

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Thailand is usually covered with hot weather. Some people may like hot weather while some people don’t. Well, if you don’t like hot weather, there’s nothing to worry about. Even Thailand is not a cold land, but there are many tourist attractions for you to go and escape from hot weather.

One of those places is ‘Tat Mhok Waterfall’ in Phrae. Yes, speaking of cool places, surely natural places are best. Being surrounded with nature is not only good for your mind but it also make your body feel relaxed.

Tad Mhok Waterfall is a medium-sized waterfall. It’s also known as ‘Mae Khoi Waterfall’. You can have a good time there even if you’re alone. It’s a really nice place.

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tat mok waterfall, tat mok waterfall in phrae, tad mok waterfall, tad mok waterfall in phrae

You will want to go there to explore the woodlands around by yourself. You will want to hang your camera on your neck to get it ready for photography. The area may not be large, but it’s definitely charming and beautiful. Even you’ve been heart-broken, lonely, nervous, or whatever, you should feel better when you have a chance of touring this waterfall with yourself. Quiet-looking atmosphere will make you have more time to think about lots of things and forget all stressful things.

If you have some food with yourself, that’s nice. Just have a mini picnic on the shore. Maybe you may get a box meal. That’s perfect. Just sit near the waterfall and eat. That’s a lovely atmosphere and also relaxing. But, whatever you do, just keep the area clean.

How to get there

Tat Mhok Waterfall is about 22 kilometres away from Muang Country, Phrae Province. It will be best to drive a car. There are plenty of parking lots at the waterfall. There’s no need to worry. You park a car and then walk on feet to the waterfall site. If you have your own plan and you still worry for getting lost, we recommend you to contact travel agency in Chiang Mai or Phrae to provide the private tour package or the car rental with driver for your group.

Wat Na Kuha, Wat Na Khu Ha

Wat Na Khu Ha

Nearby Places

  • Wat Na Khu Ha

The temple is only about 4.40 kilometres away from Tat Mhok Waterfall. The highlight of it is ‘a golden Lord Buddha statue in the middle of green plantations’. Surely that’s a rare image. You should go and see that.

This place is about 16.99 kilometres away. The whole place mostly consists of orange-brown stone cliffs like Grand Canyon. Although there aren’t water resources of many trees, but it’s still a quiet place. It’s just perfect to go and explore some nature paths and take some photos.