Chiang Mai Hotsprings

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Won’t it be nice to get soaking in a hotsprings? After all, you get tired from your work, study and personal problems, then why don’t you just give yourself some relaxing time?

There are more than 10 hotsprings in Chiang Mai. You can choose any one you like, for instances, San Kamphaeng Hotsprings, Pong Kwaw Hotsprings, Thep Panom Hotsprings, Fang Hotsprings, Pong Ang Hotspring.

By the way, before you grab your ticket and go, do you know how much hotsprings are good for your health?

If you get used to cold water, you may wonder the benefits of hot water.

Well, hot water, or hotsprings, have both cosmetic and therapeutic benefits!

  • Firstly, hotsprings make your blood circulate better. It will make your skin appears so healthy. If you notice Japanese females, you will see that their skins are pinkish white and look so soft. That’s the result of soaking theirselves in hot water.
  • Secondly, the heat from the springs will make you feel relaxed. No matter what you’ve been felt, heartbroken, nervous, or hopeless because of your career, once you dip yourself into the water, you shall feel better.
  • Thirdly, for those who have parents or grandparents with joint pain or muscle pain, hotsprings can cure them! Hotsprings are able to relieve the pain. This theory is true and has been being used by Chinese and Japanese people for centuries.

Now, you know how hotsprings are good for you. Chiang Mai hotsprings are ones of the most wonderful hotsprings in the world! Will you really miss you chance? Don’t you want to feel your new experience? Chiang Mai hotsprings are not too expensive, really. The service fees start from around 20-80 Baht only! Best of all, there are eggs in bamboo baskets for sale, in order that you can purchase them and boil them to eat in hotsprings. Sound delicious, isn’t it?

Chiang Mai hotsprings doesn’t just consist of hot water, but also mineral pools,. These are good for your health too.

We make the lists of the famous caves in Chiang Mai as below.

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San Kamphaeng Hot Springs is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Chiang Mai Province. As soon as you enter the place, you will see that there are streams around. Again, can be sure that these streams are natural hot water. Therefore you can sit on the edge and dip your feet into the water, just to feel comfortable. Or you can even take your whole body down, swimming or just soaking relax in there. Read More…

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In the past, Maekachan Hot Springs is located on just one side of the road. However, as time flies, it has been renovated and extended. Nowadays, it’s much bigger and more gorgeous. There are restaurants, coffee shops, OTOP items shops and souvenir shops. This may be called ‘all in one place’. You don’t get just nice hot water when you visit Maekachan, but you also get good relaxing time.  Read More…

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Fang Hot Springs is a good choice for your holiday. It consists of more than 50 hot water ponds, which are all scattered around the enormous area. Don’t worry about the atmosphere. As you’ve been inform, the peaceful greenery surrounding is guaranteed. The administrators of the national park tried to adapt the Hot Springs as accordant to the nature as possible. They even built the walking paths with rocks. Tourists are able to walk around to see each pond closely.  Read More…

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Pong Duat Hot Spring is on route 1095, If you are traveling on the road between Chiang Mai and Pai You will see Pong Duet Hot Springs signposted off on a side road. From the parking area, it’s a 20-minute walk to the boiling cauldrons. The water jumps continuously, about a half metre high.You can use the river for soaking, but it is still very hot. For a small fee you can use the public pools. Read More…