2 Days Chiang Rai Popular Tour Package

This trip we will take you from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai. Doesn’t that sound fun? You will travel from province to province and you will see many interesting things on your way.

By booking ‘2 Days Chiang Rai Popular Tour Package’, you will have full-fun time in Chiang Rai, as we’ve chosen some of the most popular tourist attractions for you, for examples, Wat Rong Khun, Khon Muan Walking Street, or Singha Park.

We will pick you up at 7:30 in the morning. So, get yourself ready. We will take you to take a bath with hot mineral water and boil eggs to eat in the hot spring at Mae Kachan Hot Spring for the very first thing. These are ice activities to do in the morning. It will fresh you up. For your information, hot water can protect your health from many diseases and it also stimulate your blood circulation, making your skin looks healthy like Japanese girls.

Then let’s go take some photos at Wat Rong Khun, also known as the White Temple. Designed by the famous artist Chalermchai, the temple is mostly covered in sparkling white color. It looks extremely beautiful under the bright sunlight.

Our next stop is Wat Rong Suea Ten, or the Blue Temple. Let’s take you around to admire all marvellous architectures, including the ubosot that the interior walls covered in blue color. In fact, some other parts of the temple are covered in blue color too.

We will have a buffet lunch. Then we will get to Black House Museum, the museum builted by Thawan Duchanee, a famous artist. You will be impressed by many rare and valuable artworks and exhibitions.

Then let’s get to Ban Ta Khao Pluak. Spend some time to get to know long-necked Karen people, a nice and gentle ethnic group. You will learn about their culture and lifestyles, or how they create their amazing artworks. These artworks are handicrafts, something like hats, bags, costumes etc. You can purchase some for youtself if you like.

Let’s finish the day by a little shopping at Chiang Rai Night Market, or Chiang Rai Khon Muan Street. It’s a kind of open-air market. There is a lot of food for you to choose, same as traditional souvenirs. The atmosphere is relaxing. This is a good place for you to enjoy your time or switch from something usual to something different instead. Especially, if you’ve been in shopping malls mostly, you’re gonna love this walking street. Although there aren’t air conditioners or luxurious items, but it gives you another side of good feeling, seeing people talking or trading each other.

Tonight, we should sleep in Chiang Rai, as it’s been a long day and tomorrow we will resume our trip in Chiang Rai also.

We will pick you up at 8:00. Then we will take you to Doi Tung Palace. This palace was once the first palace of Princess Srinagarindra. The architectures appear as Thai-Swiss style, which look differently beautiful. You’re gonna love the place. There are colorful flowers in the gardens. You can even get inside the palace to see how the rooms are. After touring the palace, we will have a lunch break together.

Then we will stimulate our digestion by having a boat trip from the Golden Triangle to Laos border market. Yes. You can travel from Thailand to Laos, at least in Chiang Rai. The Golden Triangle is the area that gathers 3 countries, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar together. You will learn about lifestyles and cultures of people from different nations.

The last stop is Singha Park. This is very popular. As soon as we arrive at it, you will want to take some photos with the gigantic golden lion statue, which is in fact the logo of Singha Corporation Co.,Ltd. Then you will want to continue to other zones. There are many zones in this agricultural tourist attraction. You can see plantations, ride a bike, go on a zipline adventure, have a balloon ride, take photos, or feed animals. It will be fun and impressive. Well, we guess that’s it. Let’s get you back to your hotel in Chiang Mai after that.

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