Escape from hot day to find beautiful lakes in Chiang Mai

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Do you like hot weather? Most people must shake their heads to this question for sure, because hot or extremely hot weather will make you feel nervous and moody. Have you ever walked under the sunlight and got soaked with your sweat? That is absolutely not a good feelings at all, especially for females thay their makeups will melt or make them face feel itching. People in the middle of hot weather usually fight each other more, due to stress and unstable temper.

In that case, don’t let stress from hot weather destroy your everyday life. If you feel so hot, then you must find something cool instead.

Beside of air conditioners, shaved ice, swimming pools, baths, what else is cool?

Lakes! Lakes! Lakes! Lakes are cool!

You must have been to beaches or waterfalls before, but you may have never been to any lake.

Lakes are a type of water recourse that appear as small or big basins. Not rivers, don’t misunderstand. Rivers are much more bigger and have long-shaped form.

At lakes, you can do many fun activities, for instances, swimming, paddling, sailing, fishing, depending on the rules of each place.

In Thailand, including Chiang Mai, there are many tourist attractions with lakes, for instances, Doi Tao Lake or Grand Canyon Chiang Mai. All of these are popular and good to go whether you feel happy or sad. They will cheer you up for sure.

But, do you know what is the best part? The best part is, some lakes also offer shelters for tourists! How is that sound? Sounds good, huh? If you don’t think you can enjoy your trip in just one day, then book a shelter! It will be nice to sleep in the middle of greenery and cool water all the time. When you wake up in the morning, you feel water dust. At daytime, if you feel kind a hot, you can just soak yourself in lakes or go paddling. But don’t forget to follow the rules of each lake strictly, for your own safety and for neatness.

We make the lists of the most popular lakes in Chiang Mai as below.

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Huay Tung Tao Lake is surrounded by wonderful nature and there’s a sand coast along the reservoir which is beautiful like seashore. Swim ring, paddle boat, and pedal boat rental services are provided in the area at cheap price. The lake is a peaceful and pretty place. Nice to come to chill out, get some snacks, have a walk, ride a bike or leisurely read a book while safely housed in a bamboo hut sitting atop the water. Read More…

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Mae Ngad Dam also known as Mae Ngad Somboonchol Dam, is a dam located within the area of Srilanna National Park, Mae Tang County, Chiang Mai Province. It is surrounded with extra beautiful nature. There are mountains, green trees, green grass, clean water, and clear sky.  Read More…

lakes in chiang mai, chiang mai lakes, doi tao lake, doi tao, doi tao reservoir

Doi Tao Lake is a beautiful lake and great tourist attraction in Chiang Mai, Thailand, of course. But what make it so fabulous and impressive for many tourists? Let’s see. One of the things that make Doi Tao Lake a well-known place, is the old music band named ‘Nok Lae’, which was established many ten years ago.   Read More…

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The scenery is so stunning. You will feel completely different from your everyday life. There are many activities for tourists at Grand Canyon. You can rent a rubber boat, a life jacket or a float ring to play in the water. It will be fun. It will not be similar to swimming in a normal pool for sure. Read More…

Other relaxing places for swimming

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Mae Wang river is in the area of Mae Wang national park, and actually a tourism county in Chiang Mai. When you arrive, you will see that the area is surrounded with mountains, clear sky and clean waters. Most tourists love to go there in the middle of summer, of course, because the water at Mae Wang is cool all year round. Read More…

tube trek water park, tube trek chiang mai, tube trek water park chiang mai

Tube Trek water park is a very first water park in Chiang Mai. The area is about 50,000 square kilometres. It is decorated in space style, like what you’ve seen in sci-fi films. It has just been opened for business since March 2560.  Read More…

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