Tube Trek Water Park ‘Get soak and have fun at the first water park of Chiang Mai’

tube trek water park, tube trek chiang mai, tube trek water park chiang mai

Getting tired of hot weather? Does hot weather make you feel nervous? Then why dont you get away for a while? Why dont you go to Tube Trek Water Park in Chiang Mai?

There are many joyful and interesting tourist attractions in Chiang Mai. Tube Trek Water Park is one of those.

Tube Trek water park is a very first water park in Chiang Mai. The area is about 50,000 square kilometres. It is decorated in space style, like what you’ve seen in sci-fi films. It has just been opened for business since March 2560.

There are many fun playthings inside the park. You will forget hot weather and all your stress. Just grab your bag, your swimming suit, your wallet, and have fun!

tube trek water park, tube trek chiang mai, tube trek water park chiang mai
tube trek water park, tube trek chiang mai, tube trek water park chiang mai

There are total 4 different zones, consisting of Kid’s Pool Phase, Splash Pool Phase, Wave Pool Phase and Lazy River Phase.

Both kids and adult can have fun there. The playthings, for instances, The Tornadi, The Bommerango Capsule, The Giant Slider, The Wavy Sea, The Mysterious River In The Space, are all exciting. Don’t worry about your safety. All playthings are under the care of skilled engineers. And there will be lifeguards watching over you. Those lifeguards have passed their life-saving courses from Italy. They have life-saving equipments with them. Besides, there will be medics nearby all the time, in case some accidents happen. The nursing room is ready too, in order to help injured people.

The water is also clean, because the system are always checked by the authorities.

You can go and have fun there whenever you want. It is available everyday, from 9:00-18:00. Here are the admission fees. 

For Thai Tourists: 

An adult(Higher than 130 cm.) = 850 baht

A child(Between 90-130 cm.) = 450 Baht

An elderly person(Older than 60 years) = 450 Baht

A child(Shorther than 90 cm.) = No admission fee 

For Foreign Tourists: 

1,350 Baht per person


tube trek water park, tube trek chiang mai, tube trek water park chiang mai
tube trek water park, tube trek chiang mai, tube trek water park chiang mai

And these are the rules of the water park.

  1. For your own safety, you must follow the introductions of the authorities.
  2. All foods and drinks from other places, pets, electronic vehicles, weapons, and every kinds of danger things are forbidden within the water park.
  3. Please smoke within the prepared zones only.
  4. For your health, you must wear a proper swimsuit and walk through anti-bacteria ponds before going into the water.
  5. Drunk people or people with dangerous disease are not allowed to play adventurous playthings.
  6. Handicapped people and children shorter than 150 cm. are not allowed to be alone in the water park.
  7. Always read the instructions before playing everything. In case something goes wrong, please inform the authorities immediately.
  8. In case there is a turbulence or some dangerous things happen, the water park will not be opened for service.
  9. For foreign tourists in Thailand, don’t forget to show any document, including Visa, that can identify yourself.

For further details, you may contact 064-0012505 or 081-7389920

How to get there

Tube Trek Water Park Chiang Mai is located in San Kamphaeng County, Chiang Mai

The best way to go is to take a red truck or some other public vehicle. Ask the driver whether he can take you to the water park or not.

Booking : Tube Trek Water Park Ticket

Nearby Places

After having fun with the water park, if that’s not enough for you, then let’s explore a little bit further. San Kamphaeng is a popular tourism district. There are many places that you can visit. Let’s see the top ones.

This historic limestone cave is the location of Phra That Nom Pha and also the place that stores the hairs of Lord Buddha. Very valuable and holy place for Buddhists. You will want to see it for at least one time in your life.

This is a small and quiet village. There aren’t much tourists here. Therefore if you mind your own privacy or peace, this place is good for you. There are some coffee shops and little restaurants here.

  • Mae Kampong Waterfall

If you feel so hot, then visit this fresh and cool waterfall. The water here is clear and clean. You may want to soak or swim in it, but be careful, however, because the current is quite harsh.

How about dipping your body into the nice hot water and boiling delicious eggs in the natural hot springs?

The most popular handicrafts sold there, including paper umbrellas, silk, silver, Sa paper, lacquer ware, etc.

  • Wat Pa Tueng

This was once an abandoned temple. It consists of many historic stories, including when the Buddha’s relics and antiques had been found just before the temple was built.