Grand Canyon Chiang Mai ‘Clear water along with enormous valley’

grand canyon chiang mai, grand canyon

Speaking of Grand Canyon, you may think about the one in Arizona, United States. It is a beautiful place, of course, being surrounded with water and valley. Many people dream of going there at least once in lifetime. 

Anyway, you dont have to go that far. Traveling to United States is a long-time trip and costs quite money. So, if you want to touch the nice atmosphere of Grand Canyon, just go to Chiang Mai, because there is one. It looks quite similar to the one in Arizona.

The story of Grand Canyon in Chiang Mai started about 10 year ago, when a group of workers tried to dig the ground to create a pond, for commercial purpose. Anyway, the pond became useless and was abandoned later. That caused the pond to be filled with flood. Year later, the pond turned into a beautiful sight of emerald-colored water, being surrounded with high dirt walls, which look like cliffs. Its stunning appearance attracts many tourists around the globe, especially those who are adventurous.

In fact, Grand Canyon Chiang Mai wasn’t a tourist attraction at first place. Long time ago, its owner installed the signs to prohibit tourists from jumping into the water. The signs were both in Thai and English. But there were still some people sneaked in and violate the rule. Therefore the owner turned the place into a tourist attraction. It looks like a kind of water park, but more natural. There are authorities around to take care of tourists’ safety.

grand canyon chiang mai, grand canyon
grand canyon chiang mai, grand canyon

The scenery is so stunning. You will feel completely different from your everyday life. It’s not easy to find a nice view like Grand Canyon, especially in technology age like nowadays. Why don’t you just give yourself a break? Why don’t you just put your stress, your work and your study away just for a while. and travel to this Grand Canyon? Just think about it, won’t it be nice to walk along the dirt wall for sightseeing or swimming in nice cool water?

There are many activities for tourists at Grand Canyon. You can rent a rubber boat, a life jacket or a float ring to play in the water. It will be fun. It will not be similar to swimming in a normal pool for sure. 

The admission price is 50 Baht per person, for both Thai and foreign tourists. You can trade your ticket with herbal beverage or use it for some discount. 

Grand Canyon Chiang Mai is opened daily, from 8:00-19:00. You can go there all year round.

grand canyon chiang mai, grand canyon
grand canyon chiang mai, grand canyon

How to get there 

Grand Canyon Chiang Mai is located at 244, Area 3, Nam-Prae District, Hang-Dong County, Chiang Mai Province. 

The most convenient way to go is to drive a car. Start your trip from Chiang Mai downtown and use the small road next to the irrigation canal. Keep going along the path of Chiang Mai Night Safari and The International Horticultural Exposition Royal Flora Rajaphruek. Then you should reach the junction of Rajapruek Road-Kanklong Road. Just continue to go that way until you see Nhongkwai Junction. From that point, you have to continue straight, passing Hang-Dong Golf Club. Later, as soon as you see PTT Gas Station on your left side, slide right as quick as possible, because you need to cross a bridge. After crossing it, keep going for another 500 metres. Please be careful at this part, because the road is quite rough. Then turn left and keep going for the very last 250 metres. Finally, you will find Grand Canyon Chiang Mai. If you travel on budget, we can provide the budget tour for you. For travel fee is depend on the package or if you need transport service only, we can provide the car rental with driver for you.

Nearby Places 

If playing in the water at Grand Canyon is nor enough for you, then don’t leave Hang-Dong yet. There are many other tourist attractions waiting for you.

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