Fang Hot Springs ‘Warming your body in natural hot water’

fang hot springs, fang hot spring

Hot Springs are still one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chiang Mai. Just think about it, wont it be nice to get away from all stress? Working too hard? Studying too seriously? Feeling heart-broken? Why dont you just try to be patient and find some warm place like Hot Springs to comfort your mind? 

Naturally, there are different kinds of Hot Springs, coming from different environments. For the Hot Springs in Thailand, including in Chiang Mai, they came from underground area, which may be considered as the best kind, because these Hot Springs are full off beneficial minerals.

For Fang Hot Springs, you’re gonna love it for sure. It’s located within the area of Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park, which is a relaxing natural place, surrounding with trees and grass. The Hot Springs, they’re absolutely from nature. To be precise, they’re the result of magma that flows up to the earth crust. Hot magma causes the underground area high temperature. Therefore the ground water nearby magma is heated up too. After the water becomes hot, the underground area will be under super high pressure. Then the water springs out of the ground, appearing as Hot Springs as you can see.

fang hot springs, fang hot spring
fang hot springs, fang hot spring

Fang Hot Springs is a good choice for your holiday. It consists of more than 50 hot water ponds, which are all scattered around the enormous area. Don’t worry about the atmosphere. As you’ve been inform, the peaceful greenery surrounding is guaranteed. The administrators of the national park tried to adapt the Hot Springs as accordant to the nature as possible. They even built the walking paths with rocks. Tourists are able to walk around to see each pond closely. There are both big ponds and small ponds. The water sprinkle is noticeable all the time. Don’t forget to be extra careful. If you get too close to the Hot Springs, your skin may be cooked like a pork, because the water is really really hot. It’s about 80 to 100 degree celcius.

There are many fun activities for you at Fang Hot Springs. The most outstanding one is ‘boiling eggs’. Yes! You’re not hearing it wrong! Seriously, are you going to skip the marvelous moment of sitting in the middle of this heaven-like atmosphere and taste those yummy eggs? Surely you don’t want to. Eggs are delicious and healthy for you. They’re full of protein and vitamins, which are good for your heart, brain, eyes and lots more. Just purchase some at the Hot Springs and leave them in the water for about 5-20 minutes, depending on how much you like the eggs to be cooked. Enjoy it! Don’t forget to dip the eggs into sauce or something like that, in order to gain better taste.

Moreover, if you want to soak yourself in a hot water pond, feel free to. The water at Fang Hot Springs consists of many kinds of minerals, for instances, calcium, sodium, sulfur etc. These will be good to your skin and body system. The minerals will also stimulate your blood circulation to work better.

fang hot springs, fang hot spring
fang hot springs, fang hot spring

There are various kinds of mineral water bath services for you to choose.

  1. Open-Air Mineral Bath (Time Unlimited) : An Adult = 20 Baht , A Child = 10 Baht
  2. Mineral Water Sauna : An Adult = 30 Baht , A Child = 10 Baht
  3. Mineral Water Room Service : 50 Baht per person (Each room can contain 2 people or more)
  4. Mineral Water Room Service : 150 Baht for 3-5 people in a room
  5. Mineral Water Room Service : 100 Baht for just one person in a room

In case you forget to bring clothes or a towel with you, don’t worry. You can rent some. The prices are somewhere between 10-15 Baht.

For further information, you may contact the national park authorities directly by making a call to 053-453517 or send an email to .

How to get there 

Fang Hot Springs National Park is located at 224, Area 6, Pong Nam Ron District, Fang County, Chiang Mai Province.

The best way to get there is to drive your own care or grab a public vehicle. If you’re planning to drive your own car, here is your direction. First, you need to start your trip from the downtown of Chiang Mai. Then drive along the Highway No. 107, in order to reach Fang County. After reaching Fang County, follow Fang-Mon Pin Road for about 3 kilometres before turning right to RPCH 4054 Road. Keep going along that path for another 8 kilometres. Then you should see your destination.

Or, if you want to take a public vehicle, you can choose an air-conditioned bus of any transport company. Look for the path ‘Bangkok-Fang’ or ‘Chiang Mai-Fang’. As soon as you reach Fang County, you can take a shuttle bus that will give you a ride to the Hot Springs or for more comfortable, most hotel or tour agency in Chiang Mai can provide the car rental with driver for you.

Nearby Places 

Here are some other interesting tourist attractions around Fang County, in case you want to go too.

The most popular destination is the 2285m summit of Doi Pha Hompok, Thailand’s second-highest peak. Most trekkers camp below the summit and leave early to reach the top at sunrise for an epic view over the surrounding countryside. At the top of the mountain, average temperatures are a mere 2°C during winter and 14°C during summer.

This community is located in the middle of mountains. Therefore the weather is quite cold but will be comfortable. It will be a good choice for those who hate hot weather. Anyway, don’t forget to wear thick costumes, if you don’t want to get a fever.

  • Doi Ang Kang Strawberry Garden

If you want to see how farmers grow sweet and juicy strawberries, then visit this place. The area is very very enormous. It’s surrounded with hills. You will see strawberries being planted all around you.

  • No Lae Village

This village is located between the border of Thailand and Myanmar. The villagers are an ethnic group called Burmese-Palaung People. You should have an opportunity to learn about their unique lifestyle and culture.

  • Thanatorn Orange Garden

This garden was established by Bantoon Chirawattanakul. There are many species of oranges within the area, all of which look so juicy and delicious. Some of them are even imported from foreign countries.