Baan Mae Kampong ‘Meet a peaceful village in the middle of mountains’

baan mae kampong, mae kampong, mae kampong village

You may have seen many lovely country houses and communities through TV screen. At the same time, you might have wished to see them for real at least once in life time too. 

Moreover, you may get tired of seeing only modern community everyday. Therefore you want to see something different, something natural instead. 

But you know what? Peaceful and natural communities dont exist just in movies! Even they may be difficult to find, but there are some for sure, including this one in Chiang Mai Province, Baan Mae Kampong. If you want to know how country lifestyle is, dont hesitate to travel there! But be careful! The village is very very beautiful so much that you may dont want to leave it!

Baan Mae Kampong is a small village located in the middle of mountains. It’s surrounded with plentiful greeney and water source. That’s the reason why the weather there is cool all year around.

Baan Mae Kampong was established about 100 years ago. Most villagers evacuated from Doi Sakate County, in order to work as agriculturists. They grow plants. They pioneered farms. They builted their houses nearby the river.

baan mae kampong, mae kampong, mae kampong village
baan mae kampong, mae kampong, mae kampong village

However, the origin of the village’s name started long time ago. In the past, there was a kind of red-yellow flower called ‘Kampong’. Also, the atmosphere of the village is fresh because of its river. When we mix Kampong and river(**Thai language means = Mae Nam**) together, there comes the name Baan Mae Kampong.

Even Baan Mae Kampong became a tourist attraction now, but its identity never die. The trees, the flowers, and other natural resources are still as beautiful as it used to be. Also, the lifestyles of villagers are stil the same. They live simply and sufficiently. It’s no wonder why tourists love to rush there. Because they want to learn about local life, of course.

If you have inhaled too much car smoke, or any kind of pollution before, don’t worry. Once you reach Baan Mae Kampong, you will see the big big difference. Baan Mae Kampong has no pollution, instead it has fresh and healthy air. Fill your lungs as much as you want to!

baan mae kampong, mae kampong, mae kampong village
baan mae kampong, mae kampong, mae kampong village

Here are some interesting spot in Baan Mae Kampong. Choose to visit one or just visit them all!

  • Mae Kampong Waterfall

It has about 7-level height. The water is absolutely clean and cool.

  • Chom Nok Chom Mai Coffee Shop

The shop is located before Mae Kampong Waterfall. Good for you to walk in if you’re thirsty. There are many bevarage menus, for instances, coffee, tea. Moreover, there are some kinds of bakery too. You can eat these while sitting relax and watch the glorious scenery of the mountains.

  • Wat Mae Kampong

This is the only temple in the village. It was established in the same age that villagers started to move in. The style of decoration is northen-Thai style. Its ubosot stands right in the middle of the water. Before that, there used to be an old wooden vihara, which was decorated in Lanna style.

  • Baan Rim Huai Coffee Shop

Another spot for you to stop by when you want something to eat and drink. This one also offers special service of shelter.

baan mae kampong, mae kampong, mae kampong village
baan mae kampong, mae kampong, mae kampong village

More details: 

Fun Activities

Beside of going sightseeing, eating, drinking or taking photos, there is another interesting activity for you too! Prepare yourself for ‘Flight of the Gibbon’! This popular adventure activity will take your breath away, because you have to swing yourself though the top of the trees by clinging to a sling. Surely, this will be fun if you like challenge. The route is further than 3.5 kilometres and there are many stations for you to play.

If you want to join this, you can dial 089-9705511 directly. Don’t forget to make a booking at least one-day ahead.

Shelter Service

As you’ve been warned, you may not want to leave once you step in Baan Mae Kampong. Therefore the authorities prepare a bunch of shelters for you.

If you wish to stay longer, then choose any shelther from the list below.

  • Samran Chon Home Stay
  • Baan Sai Chol (Tel: 062-2989556)
  • Baan Him Huai Mae Kampong

You can contact 085-6754598, 089-5594797 for more information.

baan mae kampong, mae kampong, mae kampong village
baan mae kampong, mae kampong, mae kampong village

Interesting Local Products

These are the products produced by the villagers. 

  • Fresh Arabica Coffee
  • Bai Miang Green Tea
  • Tea Leaf Herbal Pillow
  • Natural Honey
  • Basketwork and Bamboowork
  • Ornamental Plants
  • Ancient-Method Massage

How to get there

In case you have a personal car, Baan Mae Kampong is located on the east wing of Chiang Mai. You need to reach Pong Din Junction, then turn right and keep going straight for about 51 kilometres.

Or if you prefer a public vehicle, that’s fine. You can grab a van at Chang Phuak Transport Station. Ban Mae Kampong trips are available everyday, at 7:30 and 11:30 for arrival trips, at 9:20 and 13:20 for returning trips.