Kids Zone in Chiang Mai

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Even Chiang Mai is a historic town, but it doesn’t mean that all tourist attractions are going to be in serious atmosphere all the time. You may understand that there are only something like museums, temples, or old villages in Chiang Mai. However, that’s not true at all. The fact is, no matter who you are or how old you are, you can enjoy your holidays in Chiang Mai for sure.

Most tourist attractions in Chiang Mai may sound like places for adults only. But there are lots of places in Chiang Mai that children can have their good times too.

Feel free to take your children and grandchildren with you to Chiang Mai, because there are many zones perfect for them, for examples, Elephant Poopoo paper park Chiang Mai, Tube Trek Water Park, The Hidden Village etc. In fact, these places are goof for adults too. They’re good for every members in families. But the reason that they’re called ‘kid zone’, is that these places were designed to be comfort, fun, and natural. Even small children can join activities too.

For any places that called ‘kids zone in Chiang Mai’, they’re usually consist of colorful playthings, cute or imaginative things, in order to make children feel joyful. For an example, in Tube Trek Park, there are many interesting playthings with splashing water which children will love and enjoy. Or, in Elephant Poopoo paper park, children will see lovely elephants around and will also have good chances of learning how to make paper sheets from elephant poop. Both good for fun and education, to be precise.

There is something that parents and guardians should remember. Even there are ‘kid zones’, but it doesn’t mean that children can play alone without adults around. On the contrary, parents and guardians need to keep an eye on them closely, or some accidents may be able to happen. Moreover, there are many other kids in ‘kid zones’, not only your kids, therefore they can get lost if they’re out of your sight.

We make the lists of the kids zone in Chiang Mai as below.

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The Hidden Village is a new tourist attraction in Chiang Mai. It has just been opened for service since 4th April 2017. What is it anyway? Well, it’s somewhat like an amusement park, but there are some differences. General amusement parks always consist of exciting and challenging playthings. They are quite noisy too. But The Hidden Village is a peaceful place.  Read more….

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Tube Trek water park is a very first water park in Chiang Mai. The area is about 50,000 square kilometres. It is decorated in space style, like what you’ve seen in sci-fi films. There are many fun playthings inside the park. You will forget hot weather and all your stress. Just grab your bag, your swimming suit, your wallet, and have fun!    Read more….

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There are many zoos for you to go, including in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Zoos can consists of various species of animals or only one kind of them, for an instance, an elephant zoo. However, don’t waste your time. Just find your holiday and go.  Read more….

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Chiangmai Night Safari is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chiangmai province, northern Thailand, due to its beautiful appearance and natural surrounding , which can help people with their stress-relaxing. This is a good place for family members to meet each other, long-time-no-see friends to celebrate friendship, love couples to celebrate their special occassions, parents to bring their childrean and grandchildren to learn about the outside world. Read more….

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At Elephant Poopoo Paper Park, you will be presented how to make papers from elephant poopoo. Your guide will lead you into a beautiful green garden and tell you about each step in detail, from cleaning elephant poop to producing pieces of paper completely. Tourists are able to join each step for their own experience.   Read more….

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There are more than 10 waterfalls in Chiang Mai. Waterfalls are known to be ones of the most famous tourist attractions, due to its beauty and cool. People from both urban and suburban areas will always find their time to go.  Read more….

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