Chiang Mai Shooting Range

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Shooting is a fun game and great way to improve your accuracy. Both men and women can enjoy this. If you interested in this, you can find a shooting range anywhere on this planet. There are plenty of them, even in Chiang Mai.

As Chiang Mai is a popular tourism town, there is no wonder if there are so many types of tourist attractions or activity areas.

Shooting ranges are ones of must-go activity areas in Chiang Mai. If you’re planning to stay quite long in the province, then you may choose shooting as one of your daily activities. You will enjoy playing with your gun in the middle of fresh atmosphere, instead of polluted atmosphere.

There are some good shooting ranges in Chiang Mai, for examples, Shooting Club Chiang Mai, Mae Rim Shooting Range, BBD Tactical Shooting Game, where you can enjoy aiming your gun to a target and beat it!

You can enjoy shooting alone, or with your friends. But, in fact, going with your friends will be more exciting, as you guys can compete each other, ‘Who is the best shooter of the group?’.

Those guns at shooting ranges are real guns, of course, but they are reloaded with artificial bullets, or bullets without gun powder. You may feel a little bit awkward at your first time of shooting, because you may feel scared of the ‘bang’ sound of your gun. However, don’t worry. You will get used to it soon.

Don’t be nervous if you can’t hit the position you want on your target. No one can become great in just a few times. You need to practice a lot and be patient before you can be a good shooter. If you stay in Chiang Mai quite long, you can go to a shooting range everyday, if it is possible. But, if you have to go home early, that doesn’t matter. You can find another shooting range in another town instead, just to improve your skill, make it better and better.