Srilanna National Park ‘Full-fill your heart with scenery of water and mountains’

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Beautiful nature doesnt exist only in movies or fairy tales, but you can also see it in real life. Even or world is getting more civilized everyday, but there are still some natural areas preserved. These are places where you can go and relax to leave all fussy things behind you.

And, Srilanna National Park is one of these. Lets see its brief detail and keep it as one of your choices.

Srilanna national park located in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. Its forest is in a flawless state, totally beautiful, to be precise. On top of that, it is also the river source of upper Ping River. Everything is perfect, really. Therefore the wild animals around there live happily. This is just like heaven.

You may want to bring your friends, your family, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, or your spouse with you. This place is peaceful and romantic. It shall be best to be there with someone you love. Just think, won’t it be nice to take a lot of impressive photos to keep all valuable moments in your heart?

Srilanna is a very huge national park. You may want to walk slowly, because if you walk too fast to finish all zones in time, your feet can get sore. There’s no need to rush yourself, really. This is a natural tourist attraction. It will be best if you just act leisure, so you will have enough for seeing birds flying around and how gorgeous the national park is.

srilanna national park, srilanna, sri lanna national park, sri lanna
srilanna national park, srilanna, sri lanna national park, sri lanna

Srilanna National park is divided into various zones, consisting of…

  1. Mon Hin Lai Waterfall : This waterfall is 9 stories high. It’s very beautiful with water flowing all year round. Be sure to touch the cool water sprinkling there.
  2. Mae Ngad Dam Irrigation Reservoir : This reservoir is completely surrounded with greenery. You can do various activities there, for instances, camping, going sightseeing, or rafting.
  3. Seven-colored Spring : This is a cold spring, not a hot spring. The water flows from the ground all year round. If you wonder why it’s called ‘Seven-colored Spring’, here is the reason. There is calcium in the water and the water will appear as rainbow color in the sunlight. So beautiful! That’s the origin of its name.
  4. Buatong Waterfall : This waterfall consists of limestones and Seven-colored Springs is its source. The waterfall itself is about 100 metres high, with 2 stories and 50 degree steepness.
  5. Huai Nang Lae Waterfall : This is a small waterfall hidden inside the forest, which is not very far from the village. You can enjoy your time by swimming in the cool water while admiring its natural surrounding.
  6. Pa Plu Waterfall : This is a 7-storied waterfall, which is good for everyone who loves to relax themselves in the middle of greenery.
  7. Nhong Pha Cave : This is a huge limestone cave, but its entrance is very small. The cave is about 800 metres long. You can find many sparkling stalactites inside.
  8. Pha Daeng Cave : This is another cave that consists of stalactites.
  9. Doi Jom Hod : If you want to see the most beautiful natural scenery, then you must go up to this mountaintop. It’s about 1,718 metres high, above the sea level. Beside of beautiful scenery, you will see villagers living their lives too.
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