Mae Takhrai National Park ‘Let’s set up a camp nearby the cool streams’

mae takhrai national park, mae takhrai

Its not always easy to find a nice camping spot in the middle of nature. At least, not in the modern age like this. Many people dream about going camping, setting a tent up, sleeping in mountains. But, unfortunately, most of natural areas have been destroyed by humanshands. This is a cruel fact in our real life. 

But thats not the end of that. Dont be sad. Although many greenery lands have gone, but there are still many conservative parts. In another way, those parts are called national parks. National parks consist of beautiful trees, streams, mountains, and animals. Theyre good for you if you want to go camping. 

If you dont know which one to choose, then how about Mae Takhrai National Park?

mae takhrai national park, mae takhrai
mae takhrai national park, mae takhrai

Mae Takhrai National Park is located both within Chiang Mai and Lamphun. Its area is about 513.20 square kilometres. The landscape mostly consist of high mountains. Those mountains are about 400-1,947 metres higher than the medium sea level.

Of course, the national park is surrounded with many kinds of forests, for instances, dry dipterocarp forest, evergreen rain forest, mixed forest, and lots more. Moreover, it’s also the river source of Huai Mae Takhrai, Huai Mae On, and other important waterways of Ping River. Also, there are many wild animals, for instances, moneys, porcupines, tigers, owls, reptiles, living in the area. To be precise,

For the climate, there are total 3 seasons at Mae Takhrai National Park : rainy season, winter, and summer. Rainy season starts from May to October. Winter starts from November to February. Summer starts from March to April. Normally, the air is quite cool all year round. The highest temperature is 32 degree Celcius. The lowest temperature is 20 degree Celcius. If you’re seeking the best time for travel, winter will be best. Everything will look extra beautiful during winter.

mae takhrai national park, mae takhrai
mae takhrai national park, mae takhrai

There are many minor tourist attractions within the area. If you want to know what they are, then let’s see some together.

  1. Mae Takhrai Reservoir : This is the location of Mae Takhrai National Park Office. It’s right in the middle of mixed forest. You can go sightseeing leisurely or go hiking along the nature-exploring paths, whatever you wish for. Moreover, you can set up your camp there too. Tourists love to go camping and fishing around this reservoir during their long holidays. Don’t lose your chance!
  2. Dad Moei Waterfall : With about 15-metred height, this waterfall will look super gorgeous during rainy season. Anyway, if you want to go to this waterfall, you have to walk through a dry evergreen forest first. That’s OK, you don’t have to worry about anything. On the contrary, you will feed your eyesight with a bunch of green trees.
  3. Mae Takhrai Waterfall : This is a one-storied waterfall. During your way, you will have to walk through a forest with various species of plants.
  4. Doi Lanka : Also known as Phu Lanka Luang, this mountain is about 2,030 metres higher than the medium sea level. It is the 5th highest mountain in Thailand, actually. You should put a thick jacket, a pair of gloved, a pair of boots, a scarf, and a hat before you go, because the climate up there is cold all year round. The landscape mainly consists of green grass. But during February-March, you will see azaleas blooming.
mae takhrai national park, mae takhrai
mae takhrai national park, mae takhrai

There are also some restaurants within the national park, in case you get hungry. Not only that, there are also shelters for tourists. Therefore you can spend the nights if you want to. Stay as long as your money can afford you. Just contact the tourist service centre if you want a shelter.

Or, if you don’t like to stay inside a shelther, you can sleep outside instead. There are camping spots around Mae Takhrai, including those near the streams. All you have to do is bring your own tent and other camping equipments. Then you ask a ranger for more details. It wil be your new experience, definitely. You cannot possibly imagine yourself sleeping in a forest, with a cool and clear stream nearby. Just think what will you feel if you wake up in the morning and pull your tent zip down. You just walk out and you can inhale the cool water spray. So fresh!

If you want to know more about any of these, you may visit the website or call 053-818348 or 0815955405.

How to get there 

Mae Takhrai National Park is 35 kilometres away from Chiang Mai downtown and 17 kilometres away from Doi Saked County. In order to get there, you can use the Highway No.118(Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai). Just pass San Sai County, Doi Saked County, until you reach the 33rd kilometre. Not so long, you will find the office of Mae Takhrai National Park as your destination. For more comfortable, we recommend you to travel by private tour or book the car rental with driver for you, if you have your own plan.