Huai Kaew Waterfall ‘The beauty of nature in Chiangmai downtown’

huai kaew waterfall, namtok huai kaew

Even Muang County of Chiangmai Province is nearly as civilised as Bangkok, but there are still many tourist attractions with natural surroundings within the area, including this one.

Huai Kaew Waterfall is the nearst waterfall of Chiang Mai downtown and Chiang Mai Zoo. It’s located within the area of Doi Suthep-Pui National Park. The waterfall is small, but it’s not less beautiful than other waterfalls at all. On the contrary, it’s very stunning, peaceful and very natural.

huai kaew waterfall, namtok huai kaew
huai kaew waterfall, namtok huai kaew

The height of the waterfall is about 10 metres. The water flows all year round, but there aren’t much water. There are grass, trees, and many other kinds of plants around the waterfall. Definitely, you will feel relaxed and happy. Nobody can prevent themselves from being joyful in the middle of marvellous atmosphere like this. In fact, it’s a good place for people of all ages, from small children to elderly people.

You may wonder what you can do at the waterfall. Oh, there are many activities! You can gather yourself and your dearest friends together and go for a picnic at the waterfall. But be careful not to leave any piece of trash around and be sure to keep the whole area clean. And, you can’t bring alcohol beverage in. This is a strict rule.

huai kaew waterfall, namtok huai kaew
huai kaew waterfall, namtok huai kaew

You can also go on a honeymoon with your spouse there too. Believe it, cool stream and greenery surroundings will make you and your spouse fall in love each other more than ever. It will be your most romantic time! Or if you’re in a broken-heart condition, don’t be sad. You can go to the waterfall alone to heal your wound. The atmosphere shall make you feel better.

Beside of going picnic and sightseeing, you can go on a hiking trip by choosing one of the nature-learning paths that the authorities have arranged for you. With this activity, you will be closer to the nature.

In case you get hungry, don’t worry. There are some restaurants at the entrance. Also, there are souvenir shops. You can purchase something for yourself or for someone you love.

You can go to the waterfall everyday, from 8:00-17:00. The admission fee is not required.

huai kaew waterfall, namtok huai kaew
huai kaew waterfall, namtok huai kaew

How to get there 

As it has been informed, the waterfall is close to Chiangmai Zoo and Chiang Mai downtown. So, there are two ways to travel there. 

The first way is to start your trip from Chiang Mai downtown. Keep driving for about 6 kilometres. Then pass Chiangmai Zoo for about 500 metres. From that point, you will see the monument of Kruba Sri Wichai, the establisher of Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. Just turn left. Keep going for a little bit and you will find the waterfall soon.

The second way is to take a red truck and get off in front of Chiang Mai Zoo.Then walk on your feet up to the path of Doi Suthep until you see the monument of Kruba Sri Wichai. Turn left and keep going for a little bit. You will find the waterfall soon or you can contact tour agency in Chiang Mai to arrange private tour package should combine with Doi Suthep package tours.

Nearby Places 

Here are some other interesting tourism attractions in Muang District of Chiang Mai.

Explore the enormous world of animals. You will enjoy watching many kinds of lovely animals, from small species to big species. There are animals shows too, of course.

This is one of the eldest and holiest temples in Thailand. In fact, it is a landmark of Chiangmai. Many tourists don’t want to miss this when they visit Chiangmai. Inside the temple, there is a Mon Chedi shining in bright golden color, which looks so valuable. You can walk around the area to admire all architectures or walk all the way up, on total 300 steps of stairs, to the heart of the temple