One-Day Tour Chiang Mai All Highlights

Chiang Mai is a nice tourism town, worthy of visiting. There are many marvellous places for tourists to go to. If you’re a one who’re looking forward to visiting Chiang Mai, but still worry about whether you will have enough time to have a tour or not, that’s fine. In this package tour, ‘One-Day Tour Chiang Mai All Highlights’, we’ve included top tourist attractions and the most interesting activities in Chiang Mai for you, starting from studying the relation between Karen people and elephants to admiring local handicrafts at Sankampaeng Handicraft Village. All fun and memorable moments that you can have in this one-day trip.

Starting from 8:00 in the morning, tourists will be picked up at hotel. So, make sure to get up early, have your breakfast, and get dress before your vehicle arrives.

Then you will be taken to the ‘Elephants and Karen House’, where you will learn about the touching relation between Karen people and their elephants. As these ethnic people have been living in Thailand for so long, there is no wonder if you will see that they take good care of their elephants. They have been doing so for years. You will learn everything you need to know through elephant introduction, elephant’s basic medicine making, playing and interacting with these elephants, or even giving them brushing and bathing. You should feel how Karen people love these elephants while you do these activities.

Next, at 12:00, you will have a buffet lunch at ‘Orchid and Butterfly Farm’, which is probably a new but nice atmosphere for you. This is an orchid garden with butterfly domes. It’s just relaxing, which makes many tourists choose it as a buffet meal place.

After finishing your relaxing lunch, you will travel to ‘Sankampaeng Handicraft Village’, where you will met local villagers creating amazing handicrafts like, paper umbrellas, silk fabrics, lacquer ware, or wood crafting. These are valuable intellect and you should see them for once in lifetime.

Admire the handicraft at the village until you’re satisfied. Then you will be taken to ‘Wat Phra That Doi Sutep’, one of the most famous temple in Chiang Mai. Get your camera ready for taking photos of this glorious temple. Admire all stunning architectures around and don’t forget to pay respect to a Lord Buddha statue and make a wish for yourself too.

After a while, you will be taken back to your hotel.

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