Chiang Mai Cycling Tour

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Riding a bike is fun and also good for your health. You will enjoy going around for sightseeing and your limbs will get strong from moving.

You may have ridden a bike just around your neighborhood or in a park somewhere, and you may feel bored with going along same route again and again. Well, in that case, let’s go biking in some place else.

Speaking of biking, it will be best to do that in the middle of natural atmosphere. You know, you need your physical energy to control your bike. Therefore if you see nice scenery around, you will feel good and your body should be active too.

In fact, it is quite dangerous to bike in a big city, or at least, on a big street where there are too many cars. On top of that, a big city is full of pollution, which is totally bad for your health. Now, let’s step away from a big city for a while and go to some suburban town instead.

But, which town should you go? If you don’t know, then how about Chiang Mai?

Yes. Chiang Mai is a popular tourism town in northern Thailand. The town is big but surrounded with trees and mountains. You will enjoy having a cycling tour there for sure.

To have a cycling tour at Chiang Mai, there are two different ways for that. First, you drive your own car to Chiang Mai and take your bike with you too. With this method, you may drive to some national park or a park, then bike around there. Second, you can just attend some cycling tour arranged by a tour agency.

The second way may be best if you don’t know your way in Chiang Mai. You should book a cycling tour to have fun with other tourist friends. With this, you guys will not feel lonely and will also have a tour guide.

Now, if you decide to choose the second way, there are many cycling tour programs in Chiang Mai for you to choose, for examples, Chiang Mai cycling adventures, Chiang Mai cycling  city tour. You can choose any one you like. These tour will take you around its route to see beautiful natural surroundings.

Riding a bike in Chiang Mai will totally change your feeling. This means, you will not feel bored anymore. You will forget all stress and sorrow. Instead, you will feel happy with biking along greenery paths.