Royal Flora Rajaphruek ‘Smell the sweet air in the middle of greenery’

royal flora rajaphruek, royal flora garden, royal flora

Everyone knows that greenery spots are hard to find nowadays, due to all-time-developed civilization. Humans reclaim more wood area to build residences or some commercial architectures. Therefore its rarely to go somewhere and find trees around. Time changes. People changes. Environment changes. Life changes. Many people have to spend their lives in busy areas, with, of course, stress, urgency and pollution. Its no wonder if you will feel so bored, tired and nervous.

Potentially, after days of busyness, you may want to change your location temporarily, switching to some place else surrounded with clean atmosphere. No smoke from vehicle. No annoying noise. No high buildings that prevent you from horizon.

In that case, you may want to visit ‘Royal Flora Rajaphruek’ in Chiangmai Province.

Royal Flora Garden, or formal name ‘Royal Flora Rajaphruek’, is an enormous botanical garden located in Royal Agricultural Research Center. If you still remember, this is where the event ‘The International Horticultural Exposition: Royal Flora Ratchaphruek’ was held in the year 2011. This event was full with thousands spicies of plant and colorful flower, totally millions. Seriously, should have seen them all around the garden. It was held for total 92 days.

Even the event has ended already, but the Royal Flora Garden still opens daily for tourists, from 9:00-10:00.

royal flora rajaphruek, royal flora garden, royal flora
royal flora rajaphruek, royal flora garden, royal flora

The Royal Flora Garden consists of these inside:

  • Kam Luang Tower // Total 3,000 square metres. Looks extremely glamorous with Lanna traditional style.
  • Sightseeing Tower // Feed your eyesight with stunning, incredible scenery.
  • The Bug World // The learning centre of bug’s life, including beautiful butterflies.
  • Souvenir Shop // The lace you can buy something back to people you love.
  • Royal Glorifying Organisation Garden // Another garden zone that has been established for the honour of His Majesty. It consists of minor 19 gardens.
  • International Garden // Various friendly nations, total 22 countries,  for instances, Japan, Laos etc. , established this zone, dividing it into 23 different unique styles of garden.
  • Biochemical Variety Garden // Learn about some biochemical technologies that use to grow plants.
  • Event Auditorium // The place that is used for event holding.

And, also, don’t forget ‘The New Theory Agriculture Garden’. There you will have opportunity to learn about His Majesty Bhumibol’s genius. He has though of this new theory of agricultural procedure, about how to manage natural sources effectively, in order that Thai agriculturists will gain highest benefit and are able to live sufficiently. Take yourself to tour around the zone and don’t forget to take nice photographs.

royal flora rajaphruek, royal flora garden, royal flora
royal flora rajaphruek, royal flora garden, royal flora

On top of that, if you don’t want to feel your feet so sore from walking around this whole enormous area, but you still don’t want to miss any single zone, then don’t forget to use the service ‘Segway Unseen’. This service will take you up on your own segway, driving around the area at the same time of sightseeing. So comfortable! No need to walk! Don’t worry about driving this thing, even you’ve never touched it before. There will be authorities to teach you how to drive first before starting real trip. Also, there will be tour guides to bring you aroung. Be happy and have fun!

Beside of segway, you can grab a tram too. It costs 20 Baht per one adult and 10 Baht per one child.

More details:

Ticket Prices

Royal Flora Rajaphruek opens daily, from 9:00-18:00. The ticket prices are affordable for sure.

  • For Thai tourists = Adult // 100 Baht , Child // 50 Baht
  • For foreign tourists = Adult // 200 Baht , Child // 100 Baht

Contact the Park for more details: 053-114195-6 (Tel.) , 053-114196(Fax)


royal flora rajaphruek, royal flora garden, royal flora
royal flora rajaphruek, royal flora garden, royal flora

How to get there

Royal Flora Rajaphruek is located in Mae Hia District, Amphoe Muang, Chiang Mai Province. Don’t worry. The path to go is not difficult at all. 

Grab your vehicle. Then travel from Chiang Mai downtown to Huai Kaew Road(Highway NO.1004), keep going along. Then turn left to Kun Klong Cholapratan Road (Highway NO.121) to get to Hang Dong District. Keep going for about 10 kilometres, then turn right into Rajaphruek Road for about 2 kilometres or you can contact to arrange the private tour for more comfortable.

Nearby Places

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This is a historic temple in Chiangmai. Located just behind the Royal Park Rajaphruek, the temple has been living for more than 1,300 years. Also, it’s easy to travel to, because it stays only 10 kilometres away from the downtown. The highlight there is you are able to see nice and glam scenery around Chiangmai. Be sure not to miss it!