Op Luang National Park ‘Feed your sight with this incredible scenery’

ob luang national park, ob luang, op luang national park, op luang

The best way to feed your sight is to look at natural scenery somewhere. Believe it, this is worthy. Green grass, green trees, high moutains from a great distance, are somethings that will relax your stress and make you feel happy. You know, if you see nice things like these, your mind will be comforted too. 

And there is a suggested place for you if you want to feel that way. Some place that you want to keep it in your memory forever.

Let’s pack your things and travel to Op Luang National Park!

Op Luang National Park is a national park in Chiang Mai. It’s located in Jom Thong County, Hod County, and Mae-Jam County. The total area is about 553 square kilometres, quite enormous.

The landscape mainly consists of high mountains, which are about 280-1,980 metres higher than the medium sea level. However, the most outstanding ones are Doi Pha Dam, Doi Liam, Doi Pui Luang, Doi Kam etc. Moreover, there is a water source called Mae-Jam Waterway. This waterway divides Jom Thong County and Hod County from each other. And, it also flows through the middle area of the national park, from west to east.

ob luang national park, ob luang, op luang national park, op luang
ob luang national park, ob luang, op luang national park, op luang

There are some other important water sources within Op Luang National Park, for instances, Huai Mae Tae, Huai Mae Soi, Huai Mae Pae, Huai Mae Luang, Huai Mae Bua Kam etc. 

Beside, some parts of Ob Luang National Park connect to other woodlands.

The north side: Connects to Doi Inthanon National Park.

The south side: Connects to Huai Mae Pha Phai and Mae Jam Land Settlement Cooperative Area.

The east side: Connects to Ban Mae Soi, The 2nd Jom Thong National Conservative Forest Project, the area of sanitation in Hang Dong, and Mae Jam Land Settlement Cooperative in Mae Jam.

The west side: Connects to Bo Luang District and the Mae Tam Conservative Area of Forest Industry Organization.

The greenery at Op Luang National Park is flawless. In fact, there are many types of forests there: Mixed forest, semi-evergreen forest, deciduous dipterocarp forest, pine forest, montane forest.

But, on the contrary, there aren’t many animals around the national park, due to the lack of grass fields, which are important food sources for animals. However, you can still see some monkeys, birds, rabbit, parrots, deers, peacocks etc.

ob luang national park, ob luang, op luang national park, op luang
ob luang national park, ob luang, op luang national park, op luang

Speaking of tourism, there are many minor tourist attractions at Op Luang National Park. Feel free to enjoy them all and don’t forget to take nice photos.

  1. Thep Panom Hot Springs : Located only 14 kilometres away from the northwest side of Ob Luang, Thep Panom Hot Springs are all natural. The water is about 99 degree Celcius.
  2. Mae-Jam Waterway : You can enjoy many activities there, for an instance, going rafting, which there are two different routes: Mae Na Poen-Ta Phra Sadet and Ban Om Kood-Ban Ta Rua. These two routes are about 5-8 kilometres long.
  3. Op Luang : You may wonder why the name is exactly same as the national park itself. Well, the true reason is, there is a very interesting spot in the national park. In this spot, you will see two cliffs staying close to each other, creating a narrow path. The cliffs are about 32 metres high. Below them, Mae-Jam Waterway is located. This is a beautiful and stunning image. Make sure you don’t forget your camera.
  4. Mae-Jon Waterfall : This is a part of Huai Mae Jon Luang. It’s about 100 metres high and 80 metres wide. It mainly consists of granites and greyish white metamorphic rocks.
  5. Mae-Thia Waterfall : This is a part of Huai Mae-Thia. It’s nor very big, with about 80-metred height and 40-metred wideness.
  6. Mae Bua Kam Waterfall : A small waterfall with about 50-metred height.
  7. Thong Cave : Located in the border of Jom Thong County, this cave is 3 metres high. Sometimes it will be used as a Dhamma practicing place.
  8. Tu Poo Cave : A small limestone cave. You will see stalactites inside it.
ob luang national park, ob luang, op luang national park, op luang
ob luang national park, ob luang, op luang national park, op luang

How to get there 

If you want to drive your own car, you must first start your trip from Chiang Mai downtown, following the Highway No.108(Chiang Mai – Hod – Mae Sariang). Then, after you reach Hod County, just turn right along the Road No.108. And, after another 17 kilometres, you will reach your destination. 

Or, you can also get a public vehicle. Just choose a bus that can take you from Bangkok to Jom Thong. With this bus line, you have to be dropped off at Hod County to switch to another vehicle instead. The bus line Chiang Mai – Mae Hong Son is also available, because your bus will pass the headquarter of the national park.

Or, the best way, we commend you to travel by private tour.