Op Khan National Park ‘Cool your mind with Khan Waterway’

op khan national park, ob khan national park, op khan, ob khan

As youve been informed, there are many many national parks in Chiang Mai.  Theyre all are good places if you want to spend some peaceful time with yourself or someone you love. Theyre all surrounded with beautiful nature. You may already know about some of them. And here is another one you shouldnt miss too.

Op Khan National Park is another national park in the province. It’s almost similar to Op Luang National Park, except for the difference that Op Khan is smaller. Op Khan National Park is about 484 square kilometres. It’s located in Samoeng County, Mae-Wang County, San Pha Tong County, and Hong Dong County. The landscape mainly consists of high mountains. Yod Khun Tian as the 1st highest peak, with about 1,550-metred height. The second highest one is Doi Khun Huai Prachao, about 1,443-metred height. And, the 3rd highest peak is Doi Khun Vin, about 1,424 metres higher than the medium sea level.

op khan national park, ob khan national park, op khan, ob khan
op khan national park, ob khan national park, op khan, ob khan

The scenery around the national park is so stunning. Everything is surrounded with green trees, water sources, and clear sky. The best season to travel is propably winter, because during summer, the weather may be too hot for you. If you want to enjoy your time in the middle of nature without any annoying troubles, then let’s go during winter, which the air will be cool and comfortable. However, don’t forget to get thick clothes ready too.

There are many types of forests around Ob Khan National Park, for instances, mixed forest, deciduous dipterocarp forest, semi-evergreen forest, pine tree forest etc. You will find many interesting animals, squirrels, monekys, rabbits, porcupines etc. You can take their photos or befriend them, but don’t tease them, hurt them, feed them, or destroy them. Always keep the national park in perfect state so that your children and grandchildren will have their chances of traveling there too in the future.

op khan national park, ob khan national park, op khan, ob khan
op khan national park, ob khan national park, op khan, ob khan

About the tourism attractions, there are many minor places you can go right after you arrive at Op Khan. Let’s see what they are.

  1. Tak-Tan Cave : How about going inside this more-than-7-kilometred cave and explore a little bit further? Sound nice, isn’t it? This cave consists of many sparkling stalactites, which originated from being eroded by water and some chemical reactions.
  2. Khun Vin Waterfall : Get your foods and drinks ready. Then head for Khun Vin Waterfall. You can find some spot to sit and have a picnic. But, remember, always keep the area clean.
  3. Mae-Tian Waterfall : This is a very small waterfall, with only 1-storied height. Now it’s the location of The Water Energry Electricity Project of Provincial Electricity Authority.
  4. Mae Sapok Waterfall : This waterfall is located within the area of Mae Sapok Royal Project.
  5. Pha Toop : This is a short cliff located near Mae-Khan Waterway, about 500 metres away from Huai Ya Chai. You can go rafting there.
  6. Pha Ok Ma : Only about 50 metres away from Op Khan, this rock field consists of many stalactites in the middle of its water. It’s a good place for you to go on a picnic and swimming .
  7. Rafting in Mae Wang Waterway : You can also go rafting at this place. Not just that, you can ride on an elephant for sightseeing if you want to. These are very popular activities of tourists, both Thai and foreign.
op khan national park, ob khan national park, op khan, ob khan
op khan national park, ob khan national park, op khan, ob khan

In case you want to spend the night, there are camping spots within the area for you. You can take your own tent there to set up a camp, or you can rent one from the ranger if you don’t have any. Don’t worry about your convenienve. There are restrooms for men and women. There are parking lots and restaurants too. Just enjoy your time.

For further details, you may call 086-1811068 or send an email to reserve@dnp.go.th

How to get there 

Op Khan National Park is located in Hang Dong County, Chiang Mai Province. 

To get there, you should start your trip from Chiang Mai downtown. Then follow the Highway No.108(Chiang Mai-Hod) for about 11 kilometres. After that, turn right at Hang Dong County Office and keep going until you reach the irregation canal road. Then look for the road Phrae-Op Khan and keep going for another 11 kilometres. Finally, you will see your destination.