Mae Sa Waterfall ‘Let’s escape hot weather!’

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Tired of hot weather? What do you feel when youre out of your home and the sunlight start to burst on you? Surely, you dont like it, because hot weather cause people to be moody and easily exhausted. Therefore we dont like we want to do anything, including working and studying. 

No Thats not good! Dont spoil your life! Dont let hot weather become problematic! If you feel hot, then you must do something. You may eat an ice cream, turn on your air conditioner, take a shower, whatever. 

But! If you try all these and still dont feel better at all, then you need to change your location temporarily. You need to find some place cool and comfortable? 

What should the place be? How about a waterfall? How about swimming and relaxing in a waterfall? How is that sound? 

If you agree, then don’t be late! Here is one of the nicest waterfalls you should go. See ‘Mae Sa Waterfall’ of Chiang Mai Province, Thailand.

Mae Sa Waterfall is actually a part of Doi Suthep-Pui National Park. It is one of the most famous waterfalls in Chiang Mai. The waterfall consists of 10 levels. Every levels stay quite close to each other, and together, they have only about 1-kilometre length. However, the most beautiful levels are 5-7. You are able to play the water at those spots, but you need to be extra careful.

mae sa waterfall, mae sa waterfalls, maesa waterfall, maesa waterfalls
mae sa waterfall, mae sa waterfalls, maesa waterfall, maesa waterfalls

Tourists are able to reach the waterfall conveniently, because there are walking paths between the levels. Those paths aren’t too steep, so, don’t worry. You can even drive to some level and then park your car, before going up to the next level.

You will definitely fall in love with this waterfall, due to its flow all year around, especially in the end of raining season, which the waterfall will be extremely gorgeous.

These are the names of every Mae Sa Waterfall’s levels.

  1. Pa Lad Waterfall
  2. Wang Yao Waterfall
  3. Pa Thak Waterfall
  4. Wang Sam Muen Waterfall
  5. Wang Tao Phrom Ma Waterfall
  6. Tad Mei Waterfall
  7. Phana Rom Waterfall
  8. Pha Ngoeb Waterfall
  9. Wat Hang Waterfall
  10. Lan Tae Waterfall
mae sa waterfall, mae sa waterfalls, maesa waterfall, maesa waterfalls
mae sa waterfall, mae sa waterfalls, maesa waterfall, maesa waterfalls

Don’t forget to tour every single level. Feel free to play the water and relax yourself, but remember to watch out all the time. Also, you have to keep the area clean. Don’t ever throw anything into the water!

After playing the water, you may want to explore the souvenir shops in the park, or taking nice photos around too.

Mae Sa Waterfall opens daily from 8:00-17:00.

The prices for admission tickets are: 20 Baht for an adult, 10 Baht for a child, 200 Baht for a foreigner and 30 Baht for a car.

If you love Mae Sa Waterfall and want to spend the night, here is good news! Even there are no shelters in the park, but there are zones for tourists to set up their tents. Or if you don’t have one, you can rent it from the authorities.

mae sa waterfall, mae sa waterfalls, maesa waterfall, maesa waterfalls
mae sa waterfall, mae sa waterfalls, maesa waterfall, maesa waterfalls

More details: 

Other zones in the park

  • Beside of the waterfall itself, here are some other spots you may want to walk to.
  • Mae Sa Waterfall Information Centre – There is the model of Doi Suthep-Pui inside the building, in order that tourists want to gain knowledge.
  • The Bamboo Bridge – Just walk along slowly and feed your eyesight with beautiful scenery.

How to travel there: 

Mae Sa Waterfall is located on the 7th Kilometre, Mae Rim-Samoeng Road, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai Province.

In case you have a personal car, drive out of Chiang Mai downtown. Then continue straight along Mae Rim, the path 107, and pass the District Office. From the traffic light junction, turn left into Mae Rim-Samoeng. After that, keep going straight for about 12 kilometres until you see the sign indicating the entrance of Mae Sa Waterfall on your left side. Just follow the sign. Then you will reach the park area and will be required to pay for an admission fee. However, when you drive your car into the park, you need to park it outside the waterfall, some spots nearby the souvenir shops.

Another choice is to take a public vehicle. You should grab one at Warorot Market or Chang Phuak Transport Station. Look for the one that runs in Chiang Mai-Mae Rim Line. When you got it, you need to be taken to Wat Mae Rim Intersection, in order to change to Chiang Mai-Samoeng instead. Not so long after that, you will arrive the waterfall.

Nearby Places: 

Mae Sa Elephant camp provides the most educational and entertaining Elephant show in northern Thailand say the Guinness Book of World Records 2005. The elephants also entertain tourists by putting on shows of painting and playing football, although typically they do not perform for long and are very well cared for.

If you’re interested in insect, you need to travel there! There are many rare species of insects. You will also gain knowledge at the same time.

    • Mae Rim Monkey School

Pay 200 Baht for the admiddion ticket and be able to get close to those lovely little monkeys. The place opens daily from 9:00-16:00.

    • Gater Farm

This is an alligator farm. You will have a chance to see some challenge and frightening shows by alligator vets, for instances, kissing the alligators or sticking head between their jaws. Moreover, tourists can take photos with the alligators if they want to.