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chiang mai international airport, chiang mai airport

Chiang Mai International Airport is located in  Suthep, Chiang Mai Province, northern Thailand.

Chiang Mai International Airport is about 4 kilometres away from Chiang Mai downtown. It is one of the 6 international airports under the care of Airports of Thailand PCL or AOT. Also, Chiang Mai International Airport is the 4th busiest airport, which here means ‘a lot of flights’, of Thailand, following Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Mueng International Airport, and Phuket International Aiport.

In the past, Chiang Mai International Airport was named as ‘Suthep Airport’ before. The airport has been being opened for business for about 83 years. The first plane was landed on April 25, 1934. And, as time went by, the airport’s name was changed into ‘Chiang Mai International Airport’.

Chiang Mai International Airportis quite huge, with about 2.5 millions square metres. It consists of 2 passenger halls: domestic passenger hall and exotic passenger hall, which make it able to contain 8 million people. In a year, there are over 20 thousands flights.

Here are the list of some airlines at Chiang Mai airport.

Logo Airline Name 2 Code Contact Number Web Site
Air Asia Air Asia AK +66(0) 2 515 9999
Air Bagan WG (+95-1) 504888
Air China Air China CA +66(0)86-10-95583
Asian Wing Airways Asian Wing Airways YJ +95 1 515259 – 260
bangkok air Bangkok Airways PG +66(0) 2 270 6699
Beijing Capital Airlines Beijing Capital Airlines JD +86 898 95071999
China Eastern Airlines China Eastern Airlines MU +66(0) 2 636 6980
China Southern Airlines China Southern Airlines ZC +66(0) 2 266 5688
Dragon Air Dragon Air KA +66(0) 2 787 3366-67
Golden Myanmar Airlines Golden Myanmar Airlines Y5 +66(0) 2 134 7938 – 39
Hong Kong Express Hong Kong Express UO +66(0) 2 634 2552
Jin Air Jin Air LI +82-1600-6200
Juneyao Airlines Juneyao Airlines HO +86-21-95520
Kan Air Kan Air K8 +66(0) 2 5516111
Korean Air KE +66(0) 2 620 6900
Lao Airlines Lao Airlines QV +66(0) 53 223 401
Shandong Airlines Shandong Airlines SC +86(0) 53 195 369
Nok Air Nok Air DD +66(0) 2 088 8955
R Airlines R Airlines RK +66(0) 2 504 3888
Silk Air Silk Air MI +66(0) 53 904 985 – 87
Spring Airlines Spring Airlines 9C +86 21 95524
Tiger Airways Tiger Airways TR 001 800 601 5637
Thai Air Asia Thai Air Asia FD +66(0) 2 515 9999
Thai Airways Thai Airways TG +66(0) 2 545 4216
THAI Smile Thai Smile TG +66(0) 2 118 8888
Thai Lion Air Thai Lion Air SL +66(0) 2 529 9999
vietjet air Thai Viet Jet VZ +66(0) 2 089 1909

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For those who are brand-new passengers, don’t worry. There are a bunch of convenient factors for you around the airport. First of all, there are service spots of currency-exchange and travel-insurance. Therefore if you’re a foreign tourist, you won’t have to worry about not finding a money exchange spot.

Moreoever, there is free WiFi for you, along with service centre and Lost&Found Centre, which will be useful if you lost some of your belongings. For toilets, they are around. Don’t be nervous.

Beside, there are some restaurants and souvenir shops around the airport. You may want to purchase some.

Instructions for Passenger


All new arrivals are required to fill in document forms after landing, in order to be used as contact evidences.

For foreign tourists, Visas and travel documents are extremely important. If you don’t have an arrival Visa, you can ask for one at the arrival counter by using two 1-inched photos and 300 Baht as service fee. But if you don’t have any photo, that’s find. You can use photo-taking service there. You just pay for 120 Baht and you will get 4 photos.

Now, here are the names of countries under the consideration of 15-days approved passport. Fifteen days are probably enough for your vacation. You may not stay longer than that. Let’s see which one is your country. ( Bhutan, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lituania, Maldives, Mauritus, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Slovania, Slovak, Taiwan, Ukrane )

If your country is not on the list, that means your passport book may allow you to stay in Thailand longer than 15 days. You can visit the website to check another lists and see if there is the name of your country.


For those who will travel from Chiang Mai International Airport to some place else, here are some important things you should know.

First, you are not allowed to import or export these things.

  • All kinds of narcotic chemicals.
  • Pornographic medias or printing matters.
  • Piracy merchandises.
  • Fake money.
  • Preserved animals.

Any people who violate the rules will have to face legal punishment.

And, of course, same as many other airports, you are not allowed to bring things like knives, scissors, perfumes, facial cream aboard. If you don’t know yet, any power bank with over 32,000mAh is not allowed too.

You will also have to go though a X-ray machine too.

If you follow all instructions strictly, you flight will be happy and safe.

How to get there 

You can travel to Chiang Mai International Airport by hailing a red truck from Chiang Mai downtown. 

Moreover, if you wish to travel around more conveniently, you can visit the airport website to see if there are any agencies of car renting. You may rent a car for yourself to drive anywhere. 

Or, there are some public vehicles waiting for you outside the airport too. You may use their services.