The best Chiang Mai Golf Courses

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You may have play golf in some golf courses of an urban area, which are usually surrounded with buildings, roads, noisy people, and all polluted things. Well, if you set foot in Chiang Mai, you will find that everything is completely different.

If you like playing golf and want to enjoy golf in the region of Chiang Mai then there are golf courses you will surely prefer.

All golf courses in Chiang Mai, for instances, Lanna Golf Course, Mae Jo Gold Resort&Spa, are no ordinary golf courses. They usually appears as some kinds of resorts. As you already know, Chiang Mai is a northern Thai province. That means it’s located on a high mountain area. Therefore these golf courses are surrounded with beautiful and clean nature. You will feel relaxed and peaceful when you play golf. You don’t have to worry about noisy cars or annoying high buildings. You will instead see mountains, hills, trees, and water sources around you. It will be as if you’re in heaven. They’re quiet places, really. You will definitely concentrate on your game in atmosphere like this.

Elegant Chiang Mai is an invigorating and challenging course for both the beginner and professional golf player alike while these courses maintain a sense of harmony with the common scenery and the captivating vista your free spirit will definitely gain a doze of fun and jolity. The Chiang Mai golf has an excellent reputation due to their well maintained conditions and professional functions.

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Chiang Mai Highlands Golf

This fantastic golf course in Chiang Mai situated in such an outstanding environment of North Thailand it sufficiently provides pleasure for all. The relaxed environment is extremely flexible for the individuals who like heated environment however not extremely hot. The club house and locker room workplaces are second to none and the classy Thai and European food preparation will be a joy for all to enjoy. Search usually ready Proshopoperated by PGA trained and certified employees who can help you to be well informed in grabbing the right direction to imbibe entertainment.

chiang mai golf, chiang mai golf course, chiang mai golf courses

Alpine Golf Club

Alpine Golf Club – Chiang Mai, One of the best golf resorts in Chiang Mai Thailand. The moment you are going to Downhill Golf Hotel – Chiangmai, you will discover a popular awesome region reaching the fairway and you will gain experience in Chiang Mai golf courses prepared to welcome you all the way.

chiang mai golf, chiang mai golf course, chiang mai golf courses

Mae Jo Golf Club

Mae Joe Golf Club is arranged at the back of Mae Jo School, the most recognized agricultural school in Chiang Mai. The fairway being just a 20 time away from Chiang Mai is extremely popular with golf players looking for a high quality fun Chiang Mai golf course and that is also not too a long way from their Chiang Mai accommodations.

chiang mai golf, chiang mai golf course, chiang mai golf courses

Summit Green Valley

This Peak Natural Area Chiang Mai Golf Course is an amazing, title gauge 18-gap lush expansion that is perfectly organized and overall taken care of. It provides riches of overall set sand dugouts and lots of water that can become a vital aspect on almost every opening on the course.