Caves in Chiang Mai

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As you know or may not know, Chiang Mai is a famous tourism province in northern Thailand. Therefore it consists of many gorgeous natural surroundings, best-known for mountains and forests. You can go on a tour with your friends and family anytime you want.

Beside of mountains and forests, there are also countless caves in Chiang Mai. However, with all of these, you can enjoy various activities, for instances, going hiking, going swimming, going sightseeing etc.

Moreover, many of these caves, there are animals inhabit. You can possibly take photos until your camera’s memory card is full.

Schools can even arrange some education trips for their students. Chiang Mai, land of wonderful nature, will be a perfect learning source. It’s good to teach new-age children to love nature, as long as we’re in the age that everything changes so fast and technology plays big role in our lives.

Normally the caves in Chiang Mai are stalactite caves but some are difference. These are so stunning! You just walk into them, and you will find long-shaped stones sticking down from the ceiling of the caves. They’re sparkling. In fact, you can even call them ‘national treasures’. Just admire them and don’t touch them. Keep them in good condition. They’re from nature. If they get damaged, you will not find a way to repair them.

We make the lists of the famous caves in Chiang Mai as below.

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Tham Muang On is a cave, located on the hill within Wat Tham Muang On, the temple that is responsible for it. Definitely, there are sparkling stalactites inside. You should see how enormous the indoor area is. However, the main highlight is Phra That Nom Pha or Nom Pha Buddha’s relics. This may be the rarest item, due to its natural origin. In another way, this relics is burried inside the limestone. Read More..

caves in chiang mai, chiang mai caves, chiang mai cave, tham chiang dao, chiang dao cave

Tham Chiang Dao is located on the hill of Doi Luang Chiang Dao, Chiang Dao County, Chiang Mai Province. The outstanding appearance is that the whole cave is full of natural stalactites. These stalactites have been created in many beautiful shapes. Some of them stay close to each other so much that you are able to turn your flashlight on and see the sparkling light. Read More…

caves in chiang mai, chiang mai caves, chiang mai cave, briginda cave

Bori Chinda Cave : This impressive limestone cave has a gigantic entrance chamber and tower and a second huge chamber with a skylight opening to the surface. It can be reached in about one hour from the main road, or in less time if the beginning portion of the route is cycled. Read More…

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Luang Mae Sab Cave : If you have never been in any cave before, then let’s try this one. It is a medium-sized cave, about 150 metres deep. Inside the cave, you will find sparkling stalactites.  Read More…

caves in chiang mai, chiang mai caves, pha daeng national park, pha daeng, pha dang national park

Many attractions in Pha Daeng national park include Si Sangwan, Huai Hok and Pang Tong waterfalls, Pong Ang hot spring, Klab cave, Doi Klang Mueang, and Lom caves, Doi Pha Tang where to grasp the blossom of Siamese sakura during December – January Read More…

caves in chiang mai, chiang mai caves, Tak-Tan Cave, Op Khan National Park

Tak-Tan Cave : How about going inside this more-than-7-kilometred cave and explore a little bit further? Sound nice, isn’t it? This cave consists of many sparkling stalactites, which originated from being eroded by water and some chemical reactions. Read More…

caves in chiang mai, chiang mai caves, Huay Born Cave, Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park

Huay Born Cave : The cave has many internal features including stalagmites and stalactites and is a popular attraction. Immediately at the park office there are interpretive trails where visitors can learn about the geothermal features in the vicinity, or even cook eggs in the adjacent hot bubbling pools. Read More…